READ MORE to learn how to coat a seed with your Saliva
which contains your DNA and let the sun rays imprint your specific
information of exactly what your body needs down into the programming
of the SEED so it grows to be exact specific food medicine for YOU!!!!

We are Re Creating our world together!
As the planet shifts from the experience of force energy to flow, we will all together be recreating a kinder healthier world! You will have ‘knowings’ on how to do things that are a match for this new way of being.

Flash Forward!
When I was first blessed with the ‘knowings’ around VibesUP 5 yrs ago, I had a flash forward of where it would be going than a sense of ‘ all in good time, baby steps for now.’ The flash forward included many ways to shift the synthetic out if our lives and bring the natural harmony back in. They included color, sound, food, water, synthetic house hold products, plug in energy, natural housing that would have the health benefits of living in a forest and be an umbrella from the storm of electronic pollution, natural energy sources and many more including agriculture. This knowing was about bringing in a way to eliminate pouring poison chemicals into our earth, food and water supply. To be able to grow real food again at a fraction of the cost. To recharge the soil and reduce non beneficial insects from a crop. Imagine growing plants that would produce ‘bumper crops’ yielding much healthier, tastier food while taking up less space… all in a natural way!

I also ‘knew’ that not only home gardeners but farmers would be willing to switch to this natural method because it would be a cheaper alternative to the current polluting methods that are harmful to our planet and her people. For most commercial food producers, bottom line on the dollar is the only way they will change. Good news is this new natural energy will be much cheaper for them in the long run. One time application to crops, no need to refertilze again, much higher yields and reduced bugs. This new way of growing amazing plants will start with us first ๐Ÿ™‚ than will move out on a larger scale. ๐Ÿ™‚
My personal creation to help grow SUPER FOODS while it helps
balance and re harmonize and recharge the soil. ๐Ÿ™‚
Kind sustainable growth of food that will help heal the planet and her people.
VibesUP plant piks & Pads


Anastasia teaches us that by putting seeds under our tongue then holding them up to the sun before planting it will program the seed to grow as a perfect match to your DNA. Food/medicine custom for you!! This may sound far fetched to some but if you read my newsletter on ‘HOW to program anything with a Computer, Crystal or your Mind.’ You will learn programming is a two step process. Information & energy ray. Information is imprinted to an item with a ray of energy. After writing the HOW TO PROGRAM newsletter I was excited because now I understood the HOW on Anastasia’s plant advice. Your saliva contains the information in your DNA and the SUN is the ray that imprints this information deep into the seed. AH HA! ๐Ÿ™‚
Read how that works here….
PS on Saliva (a friend of mine suggested if you do not know what is on your seeds you can put them in a small bowl or cup with your saliva so they become coated before letting the sun rays imprint your DNA from your Saliva deep into the programming of the seed)

DETAILS on program plants custom for each member of your family.
I watched a video where a man and woman each took half the cucumber seeds from the same package, personally programmed them and WOW sure enough the cucumbers grew totally different not only in shape but when you cut them open the geometric patterns inside the plant were different. These cucumbers grew to be custom for their bodies specific needs! ๐Ÿ™‚ Wildly Wonderful!!
Click here for specific details on how to program your seeds.

My personal creation to help food grow in balanced
recharged soil is the VibesUP plant piks & Pads