1. Plug in- Our feet have 50,000 receptors they are our plug in and the earth is our energy source. Similar to how you plug an appliance into a wall socket.
  2. Balance-When we connect our feet to the earth it opens our crown chakra putting in the Divine balance of bringing in energy from Heaven and Earth.
  3. Detox-The earth helps pull toxins, waste material and inflammation from our bodies out through our feet.
  4. Alignment…the earth helps bring our bodies back into alignment, including our chakras and our spine. See photo on website of total chakra balance after 4 min of standing on Divine Soles.
  5. Grounding. Being grounded is more important than ever with all the electrical toxins around us. When we are grounded they go through us. When we are not they stick in our bodies. This is not just electrical toxins, but included emotional toxins from ourselves and those around us. When we are grounded they would flow through us rather than be stuck in our bodies. Did you know your house’s electrical system is grounded for the same reason to prevent overload of non beneficial energies
  6. More (-) mama, Helps to bring back the balance of the feminine and masculine. I strongly believe that the BIG key to adjusting to what is ahead for us and our planet is bringing back the feminine in all of us, yes men too.

It doesn’t mean you’ll be wearing skirts. It’s more about loving your right brain as much as your left,  loving your lower chakras as much as your upper, loving our mass as much as our spirit, embracing our shadow as well as our light. Bringing in more earth energy (-) ions to balance our over abundance of (+) ions. Being a whole person. Being able to focus (left brain) yet scan back and see the big picture(right brain).  Loving our emotions as much as our logic.

Our connection to nature can help us with this balance as Nature IS the feminine and can help restore the crucial missing feminine side of each of us. Think of a battery with only the masculine (+) side connected.

There is NO empowerment for that battery.

So it is for us. These are what I see as the most important steps in healing our lives and our planet.

  1. 2012 Shift & Earth Brilliance- As the Vibration of the planet increases I feel those that are in touch with the heartbeat of mama earth will be gently kept in alignment with that increase. The things that Vibrate low however will be unable to tolerate a high frequency.  Again the planet’s Vibration is increasing and the basic law of energy (high and low can not coexist) Good news in this statement, many of the things we worry about are of a low vibration and will simply dissipate in the new energy.  We need not be in fear or wanting to fight those who suppress us or harm our planet. 

Mama Earth’s got us covered! 🙂

Important: Let us not judge low vibrations as bad, they are just the experience of compression and we are now entering the experience of expansion. 

We are all channels for the brilliance in Nature, the more we are in touch with this energy the more clarity we have for ourselves and to share with others.