…Was my favorite quote from a recent course on the Origin of the Soul. Over the last few years my conversations with Trees have increased. 

Even though humans have been so unkind to nature, I would like to assure you that the trees are passionately excited to step forward (figuratively) to assist in the big changes ahead. 

A dog may be man’s best animal friend but I feel the trees have an unconditional love for us that we cannot even imagine.  Look at how they have always been there to offer us shelter and food. 

They are now eager to share another important tool for survival: Wisdom. 

Awareness is a valuable key to the shifts ahead. Many good ideas and inspirations have come to humans while they were under a tree. Newton’s Law of Gravity came from the Apple Tree. Buddha’s inspirations came while under the Bodhi Tree. 

Try making friends with a tree and asking for advice or inspiration. Be patient and relaxed, and listen. You may simply notice a feeling of well being and more clarity for your day or you may get some big answers.  These may come in the form of a voice, a feeling, or your own thoughts.  Trees are excited to share their wisdom and will not charge you a dime.  The most they would ask for would be a ‘Hug’.

My initial relationship with trees started when one saved my life at the age of 5.  My grandfather was an American Indian atheist.  He was clearing a field of trees to build a home.  As the tree he was cutting began to fall, he looked up to see me, his 5 yr old granddaughter in its path.  He yelled “RUN!” The route to escape was cluttered with other large fallen trees.  I remember the slow progress as I climbed over tree after tree. 

I was in the midst of a modern miracle, as the tree that had already been separated from its trunk by my grandfather and was about to come crashing down on me began to hover in mid air.  It stayed in this position for the entire time it took me to make my way up to the safety of the road.  Then it released and fell to the ground exactly where I had been standing.

That was the day my grandfather dropped his notion that we are alone.

I kept asking in my mind why this happened.  On that same day I was given the answer. I was told what I was going to do when I grew up. This became my secret that I held for a long time.  I felt my family would not understand or approve.  They were under the belief that truth was only in the form they knew it to be at that time. 

What I was going to be doing was a different delivery of truth.  Rather than follow what we are told is our truth in the form of an institution’s belief systems, I would be encouraging people to learn to believe in themselves, to know that their own heart has so much inner brilliance and empowerment.  I would be teaching people that they could feel their way back to their own personal truth.

Who was responsible for this tree miracle?  After developing my close relationships with trees it eventually dawned on me, and I now believe, that it was the tree itself that refrained from harming me! In its dying moment it still had the conscious awareness that I was its friend and would someday be willing to be a voice for the truth in the trees.

I spent many years after that in a state of what I would call awareness hibernation. Basically, I was asleep to what was going on around me spiritually.  Looking back, I recalled along the path that many times trees were nudging me or calling out to me.  I could feel them trying to communicate and I would brush it off as ‘that was weird’. 

Until one day it was too obvious to ignore.  I was sitting in my car, zoning out as I waited for my son to run an errand.  In the middle of the parking lot there was a LARGE oak tree in front of me.  It turned out to be chatty tree enjoying the fact that it had my undivided attention. 

In my head I was hearing it say, “Look at me, am I not powerful and magnificent?” 

“Yes”, I nodded, as I really was in awe of its grandeur. 

“And how do you think I became to be?  Where do I get all this power?” 

“Hmmm,” I pondered, as if I were a student and the tree was a teacher. 

“From your roots?” I answered.

“Yes” replied the tree, “and from where else?” 

“OH, and your branches!”

“YES! YES!”  The tree seemed to be lovingly excited that its student was starting to ‘get’ the lesson.  “From the heavens and the earth” it continued, “from the mother and the father.  When you bring these two energies together they create in a powerful way.  That is how I came to be.  You also are a creation of both mother and father energies.”

This was a wise lesson for the tree to start with for me, as I had always been taught that everything was all about the heavenly father.  There was never any mention of our earthly mother.  Later I would discover that down to the atom, everything around us, is all energy, and that it is a bringing together of the mother (-) and father (+).  The Atom itself is made up of  protons (+) and Electrons (-)

You can not create ANYTHING without both of these coming together. How much energy could a battery create if it only had a (+) side? None, it would be a dead battery..

As we look under a microscope at the basics foundations of life, there is no more denying of the mother.  This tree gave me a powerful lesson I will never forget.  This tree lesson came at the beginning of creating my company ‘VibesUP’, and was the inspiration behind a product I have called the “Heaven and Earth” Crystal Pendant. 

Perhaps I should return and tell that tree how far things have come since the time of our last chat! Over 7000 people in over 12 countries, are now enjoying the VibesUP products. The products are  bringing more of nature and its wisdom into peoples modern lives at a time where we could really benefit from this relationship.

Soon after, I made a vision board and put a picture of a large oak tree on it and it wrote “Connect to trees”.

Within days, huge miracles unfolded to the point where I find myself now living and working under the largest oak tree I have ever seen.  He said his name is Oscar and he quickly became my new teacher friend. 

I look forward to sharing some of the wisdom Oscar has been sharing with me. He is  BIG boy, whose trunk is 15 ft around. He has been on this Earth a very long time. My office is on the lower floor, and I sleep just above that on the second floor. Night and day I am under the branches of my old wise friend Oscar.  I am literally living in his energy field or his aura.

Coincidence? I think not.


Stand barefoot leaned against a tree. Now imagine your feet are growing roots, and that you are a trunk and you have branches reaching up above you. Ask the tree to clear your energy field. Bring up some beautiful mama earth energy through your roots and some yummy heavenly father energy from above. Imagine any toxins or stuck energies being pulled out through your feet. A tree can help you defunk and refuel, charging you nothing more than a thank you. You may even feel the energy of the tree reaching around you in a loving embrace.  I am grateful for our tree friends! 

The trees want to remind us that they are just that, our friends, and not our belief system.  Their intent is to help us believe in ourselves and reconnect to how powerful and amazing we are. They want to remind us that we, like the trees, are PURE LOVE!

I recommend seeing the movie Avatar.  There are many spiritual lessons in this most beautiful movie I have ever seen.  Notice the relationship with Nature, especially with the trees!!!