Today’s NEW kids can teach us all as they go through the right brain/ left brain struggle right under our noses. Let’s collectively help them love and believe in themselves as we embody this same feeling for ourselves.

There is not right or wrong. Both sides are WONDERFUL


My younger son has been a wonderful lesson for me in this area. He was a happy, charismatic, right brained kid until he went to school and realized that his value was measured on left brained skills. His belief in himself dropped. He became depressed angry and shut down. It was not until 4th grade when a teacher came along and told him, “I really don’t care how you spell or even if your cross your t’s. I think you’re a creative kid and I just want to see what you can create.”

She promised not to criticise him. He started to believe in himself. Before long there was a big shift in my son, it was like a fork in the path of his life. This teacher saw his value as a right brained kid. He started to blossom. It was night and day! I can not thank this teacher enough. 

New ways of educating

I envision a world where the schools test a child for how they process, more left or right brain and put them in classes that suit their style of processing. As you can see in the above experiment we see things totally opposite. All these right brained kids that are coming in, in droves are starting to NOT believe in themselves. Which lowers their Vibration and when we vibrate low we tune more into our destructive side than our creative side.  Let us all be a voice for change for our children.

Here is how it works: What we believe in is where the majority of our energy goes.

When we do not believe in ourselves our energy leaks out of us like a sinking ship. We can all help these kids make a shift to believing in themselves. This could help make the difference between a generation of destructive or creative children.  

I labeled myself.

This brings up my own challenges of trying to fit in a left brain world. I used to call myself the ‘turtle’ learner until 4 yrs ago a teacher who does serious deep readings on people told me “NO, Kaitlyn you’re NOT a turtle learner,.actually you are BRILLIANT, you just don’t believe it yet. F

I chose to believe him, and from that moment on I started to LOVE my brain just the way it is and believe in myself. This increase in my self-confidence had a powerful effect on my vibration and my ability to create. 

As I keep saying it’s all about believing in ourselves. How many times have we said OH WHAT DO I KNOW?  

I’m here to tell you… YOU KNOW A LOT!!!!!!!!!


With school just starting back up. I have had a lot of moms contacting me recently  with similar challenges for their kids. It is not only their grades but it is about their self esteem starting to take a dive. Its heart breaking as a mother to see your child go to school to discover they are labeled as bad.

A.D.D or N.B.G?

These kids are being told they have a disorder ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

To be told you have a disorder feels like something is WRONG with you, which has a powerful effect on our belief in ourselves. Remember, the majority of your energy goes to what you believe in. 

First thing I want to say is these new kids and many of us adults who have active right brains are not malfunction this is the NEW BRAINS. We are part of this shift in the consciousness of our planet. I like to call it NBG (New Brain Gift).

Both sides of our brain are precious, they just work different.


The left side is for focus and is linear. It likes things orderly. It is the male side of our brain. The right is the female side of our brain, it is more creative and random and an unfocused bigger picture.

We have been operating mostly out of our left brain and the right has been shut down.

Here is a good way to see how they work: Left Brain, Imagine a spotlight that is shining on one small area very clear like a laser.. that is all you see. The rest of the picture is dark. The right brain is like expanding that spotlight all the way out, now you see the whole picture, it is diffused and not focused in but you can see everything in context.

Those who function more right brain really do not care so much about the details.  What I encourage is to LOVE and value BOTH sides of our brain. This is the key. It’s like having both sides of a car battery plugged in, that’s when the power kicks in!

A Brain Scientist has a stroke.. When my son started high school, he was having some freshman struggles as the left brain activities increased and the pressure became greater. I sat him down to watch some YouTube videos on left and right brains. We found an interesting video on a brain scientist who had a stroke on the left side and can tell us her experience of being totally right brained.    

She seemed to want to encourage us to move into our right brain in our left-brain dominant culture. I feel great love for both sides of our brain.

The power in everything is in the in the balance. No judgement on left or right. Would we say Left foot is bad and Right foot is good? No, when they work together we can really get places!

Right Brained People are SENSITIVE ANTENNAS.

The new generations are more sensitive. When your right brained you’re more of an antenna.  I once heard that kids of the future would not even have to read a book for information they would just tap into the energy of it. Like tuning into a radio station.

The future is here, as this is exactly how I get my info. I am a walking antenna.

This makes those of us that operate this way, new kids and right brain adults more sensitive to all the jumble of wireless chatter from the millions of bits of info being blasted at us via the wireless airwaves.

Grounding helps that information and energy pass through us rather than get all backed up. After so many requests, I decided to put together a little kit that would be helpful for children in school… 

The Kit has:

3 Bracelets – I chose clarity, balance and courage. (Available in boy or girl colored stones)

1 study mat. Grounding, great for homework, sleep, EMF. I can process information sooo much better while sitting on this mat. In nature we will sit directly on the earth which plugs in our tailbones to the earth energy charging that up our spinal fluid and waking up our brains. Great for getting a good solid night’s sleep which always helps in school.

One little boy who’s suit case was lost at the airport sobbed loudly  “MY FLUBBER MY FLUBBER!!”  Evidently his grounding mat was in that suitcase. His grandmother told me he can not sleep well without it and since he started sleeping on it his grades improved dramatically! She emailed me the before and after on this grades. Big difference. Good news, his suitcase was located!

2 Pocket mats. My son said taking a purple mat to school to sit on just was not cool so he thought of putting mats in his back pocket. It will not make them a focused left brain kid but it will help to be able to filter the information and bring it in more clearly.

1 Brain Power Crystal Cream. Apply a bit to either just the forehead or the four sides of your brain. I am super excited about this cream. It has essential oils for brain power, clarity and grounding and it can bring that helpful energy infrared deep.

 Natural, Healthy Brain HELP.  

  Valued at $140.00, this kit is making an impact on our children at $69.50!

NBG Clarity Kit (New Brain Gift) IN SUMMARY: Let’s encourage these kids and each other and look for their gifts and what is RIGHT with them.  

If someone is not inventive that is OK..IF someone doesn’t spell well (like me)that’s okay too. There are gifts to BOTH sides of the brain. HONOR the gifts in others and ignore their challenges.  

We do not live in a left brained only world any more.

Left and rights can come together and co create great things!