jlrFood Poisoning
REUSABLE Static Sheet for dryer
Inside kids lunch boxes
Reducing the appearance of Scars
Instantly clear and reset energy of your crystals and gemstones
Under Horses Saddle and glue to inside of bridals and halters
Try Reharmonizing lactose or gluten etc.
 (Do NOT try if you have a life-threatening intolerance)
No Slip for under rugs
Inside a Belt! (that’s COOL)
On water cooler water jug
Charge immunizations (if you go that route) I DO NOT. I sign the back of immunization forms saying “it’s against my beliefs” and they cannot enforce. It’s against our constitutional rights.
Had to have rabies shot for a dog so vet put vaccine on mat for 3 days prior!
Neutralizing mercury fillings
On pictures of your kids with the intention of safe & happy energy
Reducing skin redness or rashes
Snuggle with it because it loves you 🙂
On Boo Boo’s
Power UP your Vision Board
Sit on when having xrays (plus put some near thyroid, throat)
Across upper back for stiff neck shoulders
On picture frame of someone you want to strengthen the relationship
(or raise the vibes of)
In the fruit bowl
As a Compress
Mammograms wear in bra before and after
Grounding during intuitive classes
Tie with a scarf to hold against jaw for tooth pain
Between you and your hot water bottle
On TV, radio, iPod, kids gaming consoles DVD players etc.
Hospital under sick friends or family
On meditation pillow
Pieces inside your guitar
Strip in the rim of a baseball cap
Baby Changing Table
In knee pads while gardening
Near fridge, fans and a/c (and other large EMF emitters)
In your bra
Plant watering can
Wrap a little around a pen as a finger grip
On Herpes lesions
Under singing bowls to send nature energy with their tones
Shifting Psychic attack
Near broken bones
Welcome mat at door to clear and ground folks coming and going
Glue to or sew into a seat cushion for classes
Strip in makeup bag
Emotional Comfort
Charge Freon chemical in Airconditioner house and car.
(FREON poisons the air ask pro to help put mat in place.)   
In animal cages
RV cupboards keep items fresh & reduce sliding around.
Clearing jewelry
Line medicine cabinet
Glue on ceiling fan blades (love this one!!!)
In / under piggy bank
Reharmonize dry cleaned clothing
On top of the fridge so a person on second floor above it is not being zapped
 (fridge emits lots of EMF. You do not want to be above a fridge)
IN the fridge to UN EMF your food
Under seed in bird feeder
Send in a greeting card with a note explaining you’re sending them good vibes (literally)
Inside zipper covers of sofa cushions. (Stoney side up)
On TV or food trays to keep items from sliding off & charging them
Inside scarf for a sore throat
For cramps
Someone instantly saved a fish that was dying from chlorine in the tap water by putting mat under the water bowl it was in (see story below)
Under supplements or Prescription
Glue to cordless house phones (they have big batteries)
On top of yoga mat (one or two large)
On or under Computers; can glue to the side of the computer tower so mat is between you and the tower.
Pets! Under food & water, in pet bed, glue inside collar
Keeps ants away
GLUE TO HAIR DRYER (Hair dryers are HIGH EMF, but when I added the earth ions to mine OH MY GOODNESS THE IDEAS I GET BLOW DRYING MY HAIR!)
Charging & reharmonizing Synthetic clothing (synthetic fabric sucks our energy)
Under bed sheets. Cover your whole bed if you like.
Make plants THRIVE! In gardens and plants
Soles for all your shoes and your families either as inserts or glue to use with removable silicone glue ‘booger glue’
Sit on in Airplane as they are extremely far from earth and very ungrounded. (jet lag)
Add another layer under lap desks
Cut up and put in stuffed animals
Reduces the riding in car icky feeling…cars are emf machines and are very ungrounded.
One on the seat one on the floor.
Inside car cup holders
If your massage therapist or energy worker put on your table under clients
Getting a massage? Take with you for massage or energy work, everything releases faster grounded.
On a chair at work.
Cold and flu recovery comfort mat under you and on the chest.
Placemat settings on the table
Reduce dirty toilet bowl and send healthy vibes into the unhealthy water supply with each flush. This is cool! Low vibration water is harder and leaves dirty rings. Higher Vibration is softer and you can go much longer without cleaning the toilet, we would rather be playing in nature than cleaning toilets right? 🙂 🙂
(PS needs to be a long strip about inches in tank one end needs to stick out and have air contact the other in the water.)
Water stopper in the sink for cleaning veggies
Emotional comfort and release.
Food charging station in your kitchen
In cupboards and drawers. Each time you open it gives all items a fresh charge.
Deter moths from stored clothing
Under cosmetics
Bed Bug deterrent in Hotel rooms (I sleep on one and keep one is my suitcase)
Make a Beauty sleep mask.
Mud Wrap but cleaner! 🙂 ..Inch release. Like an inch lose mud wrap.
Grounding reduces inflammation
Put on a smart meter to help neutralize  (works GREAT!) muscle test before and after. Glue to back of framed wall picture and hang inside the wall area that has an electric meter on the put side
Cover electric outlets near the head of beds!  IMPORTANT
May help Swollen Ankles
Reharmonize mercury light bulbs before plugging them in. 😉
Under babies sheets and car seats
Inside iPad cases
Under the elderly who sit or lay in bed a lot
Study mats sit on for homework time (AWESOME)
May help reduce nightmares for kids (under bed sheets)
In your clothing draws
Drain stopper in tub or shower. Cool to create a little water in the bottom of a shower for a mega grounding treatment while showering.
Timeout chair for over amp’d stressed little ones  (kids) or adults 🙂 🙂
Inside quilts
In pockets
In pillow
Grounding metal bed frame. Put a piece Under the four legs of the bed frame. (Metal attracts EMF)