( Same simple 2 step process for all 3)

There is a Science to MOVING MOUNTAINS

The Science behind how a human can move a mountain with their minds
starts with understanding a simple two step process that is used by computers,
crystals and human minds to program energetic results. Remember how I say
that everything is far more simple than we have tried to make it out to be.
Manifesting boils down to simply running a beam of energy through
information. You have now imprinted the atoms around you to be exactly what you
want them to be. The only thing that stops us from looking at a mountain
and moving it is that we do not believe we can. Remember the saying “If we
had the faith (belief) of a mustard see we could move mountains” Mustard
seeds never have self doubt. 🙂 Once you understand the scientific ‘HOW’
humans create, your belief in yourself will increase POWERFULLY.

Program with our Minds, Crystals & Computers. Its the same process for all
three. There are two parts to programming and setting energy. Keep in mind
the word programming simply means to tune something into a specific
energy, like changing the channel on your TV you have tuned into a frequency that
is a program of energy and that becomes the reality on the screen.

POWER in bringing opposites together

Those of you who have listened to any of my talks will know I often refer
to the power in bringing together the two sides of the car battery. The (+)
& (-) Male &Female, Heaven & Earth, Mother & Father, left & right brain
and so on. Well here is one more FANTASTIC example. This new understanding
explains how (+) information and (-) energy together program and create. This
also helps answer the question energy professionals keep asking me “HOW
does the energy in the VibesUP keep resetting itself where as most energy
tools become depleted of their energy” This new discovery will also show how
we humans use the same process to create.


Lets start with how a computer is used to program a tool with a specific
energy. Its all about taking information and passing a ray of energy
through that information imprinting it onto the item. Remember how I taught that
the sun rays pass through the leaves of the tree pick up the information
and imprint this brilliance to us. Did you know there was scientific
experiment where they ran rays through a duck toward a gestating chicken and the
chicken hatched little half chicken half ducks? The duck was the
information, the ray was the energy and the chicken and her eggs were what was
programmed. This is how you could take a pencil and program it to contain the
energetic information of an aspirin. BUT how long will this last? …

Remember the basic rule I teach that everything is energy and everything
vibrates and that HIGH and low can not coexsist. There is a constant
energetic adaptation going on with everything. If your around someone in a bad
mood long enough they will start to bring your energy down and you will bring
theirs up. Even when you put food that vibrates low on a high vibrating
VibesUP coaster, the coaster raises the energy of the food but now the
coasters vibration is brought down. It would be the same with the pencil, its
energy would be effected by its environment and it would lose its programming
and its high energy. However there is something fantastic going on in the
VibesUP formula,it has a built in Natural reprogrammer. For the pencil you
would need to take it back to the computer and run the energy wave through
the information and reset its energy. So why on the tests did it show that
in a matter of seconds the coaster reset itself back to its same high and
specific energy?

This ‘HOW’ is truly exciting!

The tiny quartz spheres in the VibesUP formula are sending out constant
natural piezo electric infrared energy rays just like the sun does…which
is a natural version of the electronic ray from the computer. So where is
the information? It’s the plants! (Essential Oils) Nature is intelligent and
each plant has specific jobs and information it brings. The ray from the
crystal passes through the information in the essential oils in the liquid
crystal formula (the liquid crystal increase the energetic awareness of the
essential oils so the information they have to offer is at its peak) when
the ray passes through the information of the oils the information is picked
up and imprinted. It naturally programs the energy, setting itself to this
HEALTHY AND BRILLANT frequency. WOW! This is so interesting that it has
the ability to clear, reset and recharge itself and everything it is around
all day and night. VERY EXCITING! All VibesUP products do this.

SIDE NOTE– There is ONE special Gem that I know of that literally has the
quartz spheres naturally imbedded in it and does this same action all by
itself! Interesting,.. it has been held back from the masses. I will share
more on that in the future!


Lets think about how humans are doing this same two part action all day
long. The left side of your brain is LOGIC or information, the right side of
the brain is more FEELINGS or emotions. EMOTIONS ARE ENERGY. So when we
think a thought and add emotion to it BOOM! We are imprinting and programming
the very atoms around us. We have all heard we create with our thoughts and
emotions now we know the science behind HOW!


The thought is the information, the emotion is the energy wave..when you
run energy through information it programs or sets the energy of everything
around you. Get a better idea of why when you expect an uplifting
experience that the world rolls out the red carpet for you?
Your created the red carpet! 🙂


On my recent vacation I watched the movie Inception it was basically about
creating a reality within our dreams. I got that the more they were aware
they were in a dream that their mind was creating it that the more they
could change and mold the dream. I know at this time on our planet the energy
is raising and the higher the energy the higher the consciousness, or
awareness,.. you could call it waking up inside of our dream. We are waking up
to the fact that we are literally creating our reality. I know what I think
shows up and the more I KNOW this the better I get at manifesting. This
scientific understanding helps me to believe even more in my power to create.

Soon after watching the movie I was thinking about our brains and how the
left side is logic, I know we need to get more in to our right brains…so
silly me I thought “Boy if I ever get injured I hope its on the left side”
Within 15 minutes that thought became a reality and a strong wind caught a
metal lounge chair and cracked me upside the head…guess which side? THE
LEFT! hehhehee WOW! More confirmation for me to watch what I think!!! I
was bloody and bruised, yet smiling bigger than ever at how powerful us
humans really are!

One more TIP..

If you want to manifest something, saying “I will buy a new house this
year” is just the information. Remember you need the energy ray of emotion to
imprint that information..so the stronger you feel about that the more
powerfully you are imprinting this reality. So try feeling this “I am so happy
and GRATEFUL now that I am buying the perfect house for me” The stronger
you feel it the faster it shows up!