Your feet have premonitions to share with you!

Our feet can be our early warning system that communicate with us on what we need to pay attention to in our bodies. Each area of our bodies connect to points on the bottom of our feet. Reflexologist can work on different areas of our bodies by stimulating those points in our feet. But over the years I have discovered another way these points can help us if we listen to them.

In time I started to put a pattern together. I would have an odd sensation or pain, or tingling in an area of my feet than I would check a reflexology chart to see what it was and sure enough later I would start to have symptoms arise in my body that were in the area correlating to what my foot was sending a signal about! Wow! I started to think, “MY FEET ARE SMART!”
These areas on the feet are the first to express when ‘something is off’ And if we listen to this wise voice from beneath us we can often prevent upcoming challenges  from becoming full blown problems.
Early detection can make all the difference. One of my grandmother’s favorites was  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Can you imagine if you had a guardian angel you could hear that would say “Julie, if you take extra care of your lungs today with some peppermint oil, eat some fresh oranges, wear a cold and flu bracelet and go to sleep early tonight you can avoid a nasty chest cold” or “If you put a VibesUP plate mat on your lower back to give it therapeutic energy today you could prevent it from being thrown out and ruining your fun plans you have”
Well the good news is we do not have to look outside our bodies for these divine premonitions, we can tap into our roots and know that our feet have constant wise advice for us!

Again, I pay attention to any feelings in my feet and check in with a reflexology chart to pin point the area of my body that my feet are nudging me about. Than I take holistic preventive steps to give extra care of that area. For me, it totally WORKS!
You can also look at the bottom of your foot as a replica of your body. The big toe is your head, the base of toe your neck, across the balls of your feet are the chest, breast and lungs, inner middle is stomach, kidneys ETC and down the outer ‘spine’ of the foot is the spine of your body and so on. The more you get to know this, the more you can instantly be aware of what your body is pointing out to you. AND the more we listen the louder our feet get! It’s a delightful connection!

The bottoms of our feet are designed to be getting constant ‘natural reflexology’ energy stimulating treatments all day as we would walk barefoot on the earth. The earth is electro (+) magnetic (-) constantly sending energy up (+) UP through these points to all the areas of our bodies including organs and spine, than it would be pulling (-) the non beneficial toxic energy and stress out of these areas. Go barefoot whenever you can.

You can also do a little happy dance knowing that when you can’t be barefoot on the earth that your VibesUP REAL EARTH FlIp Flops are concentrated REAL EARTH that is in the exact phi ratio of (+) and (-) that the earth have. The can help feed this natural energy to your body through the points in your feet and pulling (-) the non beneficial out.  Just like the EARTH!!

PLUS the rays that travel up thru these points to your body are carrying with them the concentrated wisdom and therapeutic energies of essential oil, flower essence and gemstones! Your body loves to slurp up this delicious earth energy.

This energy stimulation of the Earth flip flops are like all day reflexology from nature AND all future treatments are included, NO appointments necessary… just slip them on and the treatment begins!

LOVE your feet, LISTEN to your feet and they will be your ‘earth angels’ helping you every STEP of the WAY!