Why is it so important to know your GIFT?

Some come into life just knowing what that purpose is but many will spend most of their lives not really sure of their ‘gift’.  


To the Mayans it was so important to know your purpose that it became your name. Everyday you would be reminded of who you are and what your purpose is.


They believe that much of the trouble with youth today is they don’t know themselves or what their purpose is. This causes them to vibrate low and tune into their shadow side.


Mayans believe that depression, violence, even prison could be avoided if these precious souls only knew their purpose.



There is a family who immigrated from Nigeria to England, and it was thought they must have a genius gene as ALL their children excelled to the extreme in their fields. The father stated that ALL children have the Genius gene.


The key is to find what lights them up and to put their educational energy into that area.  (this applies to us adults too!)   


YOU MAY BE SURPRISED at what you can do! I just met with a woman artist about designing the cover for my upcoming book. I was flipping through pages of all her beautiful art and was SHOCKED when I learned she had only started painting one year earlier!  A intuitive told her she could. This created a belief in herself and so she just did it!


How does knowing our purpose affect our Vibration?

It’s not just the fact of when you’re doing it you start to buzz with good energy, time passes quickly, and you feel happy…  


Yes, these all increase your Vibrational energy, but the most profound effect it has on you and your energy is in the word belief.


The majority of our energy goes to what we BELIEVE in. When we know what our purpose is, we start to believe in ourselves and what we are here to do. This means a large portion of the Vibrational energy we create stays with us. This precious energy we can now use for, our health, for creating, for living, loving and laughing.


Probably the most exciting is with this higher energy we can start to tap into the superhuman abilities that lay dormant within us. I feel if we had enough life force energy, our bodies would heal themselves instantly, aging would slow or stop and we would be using a higher percentage of our brain.


Do I learn my gifts in school?

First of all I believe our school systems are outdated. We are trying to teach the new right brain kids on a left brain system.


Instead of high school, we should start as toddlers  to help them discover what their passion and talents are, then encourage them in this area. It would have been a total waste of my time and energy and draining to me to put me in an accounting class. In the real world, I hire people who love to do this.


It’s important I NOT force myself to do things that drain my energy. Could you see a child being muscle tested to see what his courses would suit them best for the year. YES!!! What drains them, what uplifts them!!!



One of the first things institutions teach us is that we have no power. No power to know what is best for us and make our own choices. This is also changing.


It is very important to trust in your own ability to make decisions for yourself. It’s time to release that old programming. I have seen people who can not make a decision without consulting some kind of authority. I am seeing that even our angels and guides are becoming more like cheerleaders encouraging us to step into our own power and trust in our own inner brilliance, rather than rely on them for all of our decisions.  


My inner voice said very clear to me “It’s time for everyone to do what they LOVE”.

Right away I questioned, “But who would change the tires?”

I heard, “Some people LOVE to change tires.”


How can I figure out what my gifts are?

I might suggest  you look to your childhood and see what toys you were the most drawn to play with.  I personally found great passion in playing in the forest, studying nature for hours on end. I also loved my doctor bag and playing store. It excited and energized me.


Now as an adult I create tools for health from Nature. I not only get to play store but I get to play with other people who play store (store owners). I LOVE my customers, I love knowing everyday has new possibilities. I jump out of bed in the morning so energized and excited to be doing what I do. I am holding the vision of everyone being able to live their passion.


What drains you?

When I was a child my sister always wanted to play school. She was twitterpated even just setting up our pretend classroom. To her it was heaven to me it was Hell.  My lip was dragging, slouch posture, and I would complain..I’m TIRED!  I see some adults like this on their jobs. My sister by the way is now an excellent school teacher who implements new systems of teaching, where children learn by teaching each other. For her it’s a passion for me that career would have drained the life out of me. Notice how you feel when you’re doing a job. Is it a WANT TO or a HAVE TO?


Start little..

There are different levels of identifying and believing in yourself. From starting to believe in your own ability to recognize from moment to moment what little things uplifts you and which drain you. Whether it’s food, people you’re around, or even information your gathering. Know that you KNOW what is best for you. Trusting your gut is a great start in believing in yourself. Start a journey of self discovery,..learn your gifts or things that you really enjoy doing, then start asking what really gives me a feeling of purpose? Know that no matter how  others think you should be, YOU came in with just the right ingredients for YOUR purpose. YOU’RE PERFECT as you are.



Do not prejudge what your gift is or that their in not a job available in that area. I just learned of a young man with an unusual career,.. as a boy  loved to try to make things move like his legos etc. This was his passion, to animate things. Now he builds animated halloween decorations and does all his work in the months around halloween and spends the rest of the year playing in tahoe living off his work money.  


More tips on finding your gifts.

I might suggest you start asking the question to yourself. Write it down on a piece of paper and put it on your night stand or under your pillow, go out and ask the question while sitting in nature especially under a tree.All trees can help. but Oak trees are known as the wisdom trees.


Try on different hats-

Ask friends to share more about their careers and maybe let you come help out for a couple of days. Attend short classes on subjects like at your local learning annex or attend online classes like this health coaching class…Most important FEEL your body and let it be  your guide to helping you discover your own unique gifts and talents.


Should I quit my job if it drains me?

Well that is a BIG question. My suggestion is to start the transition by saying and feeling I AM SO HAPPY AND GRATEFUL NOW THAT I AM ATTRACTING MY LIFE PURPOSE or PASSION or the perfect work for me.. or whatever words feel good for you. As you discover what gives you passion I would start bringing more of that into your life. Even if it is as a hobby. and at the same time  I would set my intention to attract a new line of work that uplifts me, than I once I found my new place, I would not walk but RUN away from what was draining me. Transition as much of your life into what uplifts you and say goodbye to the things that drain you.