My intention for Today’s Newsletter is a books worth of understanding in 8 Paragraphs.

1.The How’s & WHY’s On resetting your Vibrational Energy to match the Earth’s current frequency.

2. A valuable lesson from a group of PARTY ANTS ??

Also just for FUN- 2 day repeat of B-day gift give aways. with new choices(see detail at bottom of newsletter)

The heartbeat of our planet

Did you know our planet has a heart beat or frequency that it pulsates at. This frequency is increasing rapidly. In the 1980’s it was around a 7. It was published in 2008 to be at around 11. This will grow much much higher in coming months.

Global Warming or Increased Vibrations?

Some may be skeptical that this is happening. Lets do an experiment where you can feel it for yourself. Higher Vibrations are expansion and warmth, lower vibrations are cold and constiction. Try constricting your lips (pursing them) and blowing air on to the palm of your hand. What is the temperature of the air? Cool yes? Now expand your lips and blow. Notice this temperature is warm. As the Vibration of our planet increases the temperature is warming up. What if global warming was not something to be in fear of but rather a natural process of our planet as she carries on her Vibrational course.

Our Future- Doomsday or Glorious?

How will this rapid increases effect me and my daily life? Will our future be doomsday or will it be a glorious? My answer is BOTH depending on what frequency something is at. The simplest common sense way I can explain the shifts ahead is with a Scientific Vibrational experiment. Keep in mind that extreme high and low Vibrations can not coexsist. Like a light bulb can not be on and off at the same time. Under a microscope they placed high vibrating healthy cells and low Vibrating unhealthy cells. Next they subjected them to  a high frequency. The response was prophetic. The high vibrating cells thrived in the high energy and the low Vibrating cells became very uncomfortable and either shifted up to a higherVibrational Energy or they dissipated. This petri dish to me is planet earth and the cells represent all things on the planet.

A lesson from Party Ants

One day I had an unexpected lesson from a group of ants having a pool party in my cup of tea. Ants by the way Vibrate low. When something is dying, like wood on a tree it sends out a low death frequency signal and attracts in the low vibrating ants to come in to do their clean up job. When I saw what was happening in my tea cup, I quickly slipped a medium size high vibration VibesUP charging coaster under the cup. The ants started running like the house was on fire. Than I placed a piece of sweet fruit that was starting to deteriorate onto the coaster and 4 of them were overwhelmed with desire, turned around to brave the high vibrations and climbed back up on the coaster. It was a curious site..they were confused, could not find the piece of fruit and before long they were laying on their side semi paralyzed. OH MY! This was a little illustration of planet earth right under my eyes! The ants were demonstrating how things of a lower vibration can not thrive in a higher frequency.  The ants adjusted enough to start moving again and left the coaster like it was a bad movie. What a vivid example of high and low vibrations not being able to co exists.

Would you wear a Parka on the BEACH?

When I told this story to a friend who has ants coming in her house in droves she did an experiment with the VibesUP crystal cream. She put a little near the area they were entering. Sure enough they would not go near the area she put the cream. However they went around to the other side of the house and found another way in. The high vibrations once again where not a place for those things of a low vibration to hang out. Keep in mind that disease, pain and suffering all vibrate low. Hmmm Could solutions really be so simple. YES. But there is much more to it. In the future we will talk about embracing the lower vibrations as a valuable part of being a full spectrum being rather than labeling them as bad and stuffing them in a corner. Lower Vibrations are not bad, they are just an experience and now is the season of having higher Vibration experiences. Vibrating low in todays times will be like trying to get into the superbowl with a high school game ticket. Or being on the warm beach in a parka..your going to want to make some adjustments or the beach will become too uncomfortable for you.

HOW TO Reset your Vibrational Energy to MATCH the EARTH

I was thinking how can I avoid the experience of the ants in the upcoming powerful increase of the planets energy? I was taking a self evaluation. Do all parts of me Vibrate high all the time? No,..there are probably parts of me that still are stuck in the old energy. How can I become a match for the new energy if I don’t really even know what that frequency is? I felt a little worry come over me and I put that question out to the universe. Before the day ended I had my answer. I was sitting in my backyard, which I have found a calling  to do several times a day. I felt myself being drawn to Bob, one of my birch trees. I put my hands on the tree’s trunk was doing a tree energy defunk/recharge treatment (see article Trees Talking Truth) as I was doing this I was being nudged to ask the Earth to reset my Vibration Energy to be in alignment with her current Vibrational Frequency. When I finished this I was exhilarated with excitement YES YES this was an important part of the solution. We do not have to know what the current energy is or logic our way into this..just ask the earth to reset us to be in alignment with what ever is her current frequency. This frequency is increasing everyday. I think the more we are a match for this energy the smoother our experiences will be. We will be in flow rather than like the ants on the coaster who were confused and limited in their abilities to function..I believe that as the earths Vibrational Energy changes that all those things that are connected and in alignment with her, will automatically be smoothly carried along in the flow of the increasing vibrations and those things that are not will no longer be a match for the current energy and will fall away.

More ways to increase your Vibrational Energy

In todays modern lifestyle we do not have much of a connection to nature and things that are natural. I would encorage you to get out in nature as much as you can make choices for natural rather than synthectic. Kick your shoes off, sit or lay on the grass, bask in some sun rays that are coming through the leaves of trees (this is a whole BIG newletter on what the sun through the leaves will do for you!) Consume as much organic real food as you can. I like making organic smoothies and thanking the nature for becoming a part of my body and going out to have adventures together. I have also set my intention that for when we are not outside connected to nature that the nature in the VibesUP products will help keep us connected to the earths current frequency and raise our Vibrations in just the right doses that are perfect for each of us in a gentle and flowing way that honors our free will as natural always does.

In conclusion…

I will be making more suggestions in future newsletters on other ideas for expanding our Vibrational energy. One of my favorites is releasing judgement. WOW! But how do we do this??? Its easier than you would think. Did you know that what you are is PURE LOVE. I am in the midst of  doing some experiments with how to remind every cell in our body that is what we are. Its amazing how much we resist this notion that we are love. Somewhere along the way we have bought that we are NOT LOVE and that we do not deserve love and abundance. We were often sold this notion by persons or instuttions who wanted to bring us the experience of being controled. This experience was not bad however it is now Vibrationally outdated. The empowerment that comes with believing in ourselves is our new experience.  We are truly wondrous beings who can have, be and do anything we like. Thank you for being on this journey with me on the path to remembering who we are.
Exciting times ahead!!!

The end