I have a sincere desire to be more loving and more in my heart space. However, I think because we have had so many ounces in that area that we can tend to unknowingly avoid being in our heart. Maybe there are some emotional pains there that we are trying NOT to feel.


I asked outloud, “What can I do to be more in my HEART?”

I knew this was important this journey back to our hearts. Shortly after, my inner knowing nudged me to hold the bottom end of my earth bottom bottle directly on my heart space and just close my eyes and BE….I could feel a soft gentle warming and swirling..I knew right away that it was helping to gently clear away old pains or stuck emotional energy.



These energies vibrate low, and remember how High and Low Vibrations can not coexist. The Nature in the VibesUP coaster on the bottom not only Vibrates HIGH but it is in the perfect phi ratio of 8 feminine and 5 Masculine…It works like a gentle Vibrational CAR WASH that cleanses away what we are ready to let go of.


Nature will not be forceful, but always loving…


I feel beings we are going to be MOVING in and LIVING in our heart spaces more, and that we might as well clean out the cobwebs and make it a comfy and cozy place to HANG OUT.


Nature can SPEAK to our HEARTS

I suggested people try this at a recent event I was at. Its funny because no matter what I said about HOW the bottle worked and all the great things it did..It was not until they held it up to their hearts that they really GOT what the bottle was about. So I just stopped talking so much and told them here FEEL this. I let nature do the talking.

Funny more people adopted bottles when Nature did the talking than when I did the talking!



I would say as often as you can.. waiting at a red light, or feeling stressed or sad or while meditating.. If your wanting to shift the energy of your day. OR if your wanting to write, or do something more heart centered. I find it can bring you RIGHT back to your heart quickly.