The current VibesUP tools can clear balance and recharge food with healthy energy, but the thought of one that would clear calories seemed pretty far fetched and we would giggle as if that was just a wishful fantasy.  


Recently I started to think about smart food, and my intention toward food that was super genius!  



The higher something vibrates the greater its consciousness and ability to wisely work with your system. With this in mind, the more fresh natural and organic our food is, the smarter it is at working with us and not just our Health…


I was imagining the other day food that was so smart that as it entered your system it would start to analyse you and activate within itself what your system needs and what it does not need so much of. Than a humorous thought hit me. I Imagined food so smart that it would enter your system and say oh there are plenty of reserve fat cells already in place in this system.. Let’s just move along, no need to store any more!!  



Like a cartoon in my head I saw the processed fake GMO nearly plastic food that is becoming the majority of the human diet. I imagined this food bumbling around in our bodies going “duh, um, duh gee George , who am I, WHAT am I? Which way do I go?  

Oh geez! I think I will just hang out over here as a blob of toxic fat until I can figure this out!   


Sometimes it’s hard to avoid this food let alone keep our children from it…



In the meantime suggestions I have are choose live organic food, grow a garden if you can and keep the time short between picking and consuming by growing or buying from farmers markets.  Use crystal plant power pads in the garden to grow even smarter more abundant and tasty food. Charge your food with bracelets, coasters and the strong squishies which I have been doing some very interesting experiments and testing with!

(hint: these make 1.1 frequency -perfectly balanced CREATION energy) 



I suggest charging all food even organic as it absorbs the radiation in the air from electronics or even the energetic vibrations of those who have handled your food along the long path from the earth to your plate.  



It is especially important to charge microwaved food with squishy or earth mats as microwave pulls the feminine polarity out of our food making it unbalanced .. Which means when consumed, it will seek to rebalance itself and will pull from your body to do so. No wonder breast cancer is so high, this male polarized food attacks the feminine energy in our bodies to balance itself. The squishy is balanced and helps rebalance the food before it enters your body so there is no need to attack our bodies to get what it needs.  




I also eat as many of my meals in my backyard as I can. Even if it’s a quick shake or smoothie I run outside sit in my hammock take a moment to breathe relax and appreciate the food I am consuming. Food is smart and it knows when you appreciate it.. This is called energy exchange and just like when you send appreciation energy to anything it sends back even more energy to you.



We each need to make our own personal choices here. Out of kindness as I child I stopped eating meat but then realized how much I loved PLANTS. They were my plant friends too! The thought of plant murder did not settle well in my throat!  Than I started to take on the American Indian approach of honoring the food and added my own little Twist. Whether it is fruit, nuts, meat or veggies. I say THANK YOU for sharing your energy with me and blending our paths and we will go on grand adventures together! I imagine the food and I joining up as team rather than me taking over and destroying another being. I set my intention as such, I do not think the whole thing every time, sometimes I shorten it  into a heartfelt THANK YOU that encapsulates my intention above. 



As the (+) electronics start to marinate our bodies, the need for grounding to release this build up of energy, in as many ways as we can is becoming more and more important. I have had many people I meet at events tell me that they are gaining weight lately for no apparent reason,  I believe that one reason could be that as the electronic pollution increases our bodies are adding fat as a way of protecting our organs from all the toxic energy…Think of this, fat is an insulator! Hmmm in some cases this could be the body trying to adjust to all these currents of electronic energy. The more grounding we do including eating grounding food the less the body needs to insulate. I personally recently increased my protein and notice some interesting changes..



About 4 years I stopped drinking my protein shakes I had been drinking everyday for over 20 yrs. Soon after I started craving food like it was a life or death matter I kept trying to figure out the solution. but ended up adopting a few pounds ..than luckily I invented the grounding mats and soles and just from that grounding it took my cravings down about 60%. Than lately I added more protein and WOW! I could feel that I had added additional grounding from this food choice.


My body is an AIR (+)  element extreme,  I am naturally too much (+) So my system needs grounding BIG TIME! Everything I can do to help keep my feet on the ground is so important to me.


I teach many ways I have found to ground….In the food department my cravings were it’s way of telling me MORE PROTEIN!!! (-) But I kept giving it carbs. (+)  Now that I brought high amounts of protein back into my diet the cravings have stopped.


Grounding can come in many forms from feeling our emotions, getting our bodies back on the earth, being creative, allowing rather than judging and I feel protein may be joining my list of one more way to ground via our food.


Always listen to your body and what feels right for you.