Awakening the Power of the Human Being and the role of the Pineal Gland.

This is a longer article than I usually write but I promise the end of it will have you jumping out of your seat and yelling to yourself “WOW!!! I GET IT!!!! I get how powerful I AM!!!!”

PINEAL PINEAL was the internal pressure I was feeling the morning I leapt out of bed with renewed sense of urgancy. Not knowing what it was but feeling its importance. I took a quick look on the internet. Interesting! This was a gland that was considered fairly dormant in adult humans. I learned it effected our aging process, so much of our health and endocrine system and our precious intuition. Later I would learn that there was so much more too it. . Little did I know the mysteries on this internal calling were going to grow into something sooooooo HUGE. You KNOW I love Ah-Ha’s! Join me on this chain of coincidences that lead to what I believe is new information on The Awakening of the Human being.

If this gland was asleep, what could we do to wake it up?  I  researched the plant oils know to assist this gland infusing them with the VibesUP special delivery coating into the clear quartz crystals. VibesUP crystals had recently been discovered to recharge dead batteries. If it could help dead batteries what could it do for a dormant gland? Allow me to share what I did and my personal experience with this.( I was using what is now called the Meditation Kit)

I would lay or sit on the grounding mat and placed the pineal oil infused crystal on my forehead between my eyes sometimes with the mask and sometimes with out. The Pineal Crystal felt a bit like a tickling going on inside my head..I liked the feeling. The next time I felt some mild pressure, I was not concerned as I read on the internet as the gland awakens you may even experience a mild headache. I listen to my body and feel my way through everything. I was getting the green light. Using the crystal for short periods at first than working my way up to about 20-30 min. I was doing this in the morning and the evening. I noticed I was getting wonderful new insights on many subjects during these times. During  the day I was walking around feeling like my mind was expanding. What I was being drawn to do was breath the energy straight back toward the middle of my head pulling in all the healthy energy and I imagined this doing what I like to call a Vibrational Car wash on anything that was stuck negative energies. I had read the pineal gland was where we stored our fear information of the past, run from sabor tooth and so on. These fears are outdated and no longer serve us. If fear is such a low vibration I was thinking no wonder this little guy is shriveled up like a raison. As the car wash was cleaning up the lower energies I would breath them out and down my spine out my feet and release them, thanking them for serving me in the past.
(Here is where the grounding mat really helps pull out and release the old energies)  After doing this for a few days I next heard : NOW,OPEN YOUR HEART:. heheheh I did not know what I was in for BAM! It was like I had opened the doors to the universe! It was so powerful I could only do it for a few seconds at a time. I did not know what was going on but I LIKED IT!!! I liked it ALOT!!

Little did I know , more answers were just around the corner….

There is a brilliant and famous author who lives very close to me and she puts on 3 day courses every 4 months. My calander always opens when she puts them on so I usually attend. I was not aware of what the subject matter was on until the morning I attended… (this was two days after my inner knowing said to open my heart while using the pineal crystal) The subject was THE SACRED SELF. Unaware of what this was but curious I sat on the edge of my seat,..of which I almost fell out of when she proceded to say. The Sacred self is located in our heart space and the gland that accesses this space is ………..THE PINEAL!!!  My heart was hand waving in the air,..OH OH OH can you tell me more about the PINEAL?????

I am like Horshack from the old show Welcome back Kotter.

Here is what she told me about the pineal….
It effects the Immune, Thyroid and liver. It is the brain with in the brain. Master gland of the immune system (timely with the new flu’s) Imilical cord to the Sacred Self. Brings energy from the Heavens. Deepest Wisdom, Tied to the P53 cells the spell checker of the DNA. Access to the akaskic records which in the bible is referred to as the book of life, a record of all things. Sleep Apnea and much more.That was her input. But my inner knowing was tying all this together into something much much bigger.
The Sacred Self and heart space in the middle of our chest are where the upper chakras’ Heaven’ and the lower chakras ‘Earth’ come together You could also say father and mother. Or positive and negative charges,..

like on a car battery when you put the (+) and the (-) you create power.
For many years we have been running on mostly (+) …
not much power there.

Again where our upper and lower chakras (the bodies energy centers) come toether you have the the heart space.
When these are connected you now have access in your heartspace to 6400 Mhz of pure love energy!!!


Now I was starting to understand how in the beginning of the movie THE SECRET it says one human being has enough power to light up a whole city. 6400 mhz of energy is ALOT!  Imagine this,  the highest vibration in nature is the Rose, coming in at a whooping 320 mhz. Now are you starting to see the power you possess and this power comes through your ability to bring together the balance of the masculine and feminine we all possess. The mother and father within us, loving our lower bodies as much as our upper..our right brains as much as our left. When these come together in LOVE we have the power to create, heal and manifest ANYTHING!!!

Did you catch the puzzle piece here?..Where the upper and lower of our chakras come together (male-female) is our heart space or think of this mother father come together you have the (SON)  Where our left (masculine) and right (feminine) brains come together we have the pineal gland.(SON)  Can you see why these work together. Want to learn something BIG BIG BIG?? My heart is pounding as I write this…..
Inside the pineal gland is tiny round sand size grains of crystal. Why?

Here is what I beleive… Do you remember how the VibesUP coating has tiny spheres of crystal in its coating..the reason for that is the spheres work like the sun. They pull the energy from their surface into the center of the sphere, (in the VibesUP coating the energy is the brilliance of the plant oils),…the energy compresses in the center, it becomes so compact that it creates an explosion of energy that blasts out with great power!!! (again,just as the sun does) WHAM!! It sends that energy out in such a POWERFUL way that it can deliver that beautiful energy to all our layers, it can even carry its energy through items that that are nonconductores of energy raising the vibration of anything it is near AND very important, it sends the signal out in such a powerful blast that it attracts that same energy back to you in truckloads! (Law of Attraction)

Now your ready for the FINALE???
Here is the jump out of your seat part!!!

Imagine your pulling in thought (INTENTIONS)… inside the brain of your brain (the awakening pineal)..pulling it into the tiny quartz spheres in your pineal ..
NOW we hook all this up to the POWERPLANT (heartspace)
6400mhz of pure love energy!!!

This energy hits the sphere and that intention is blasted out in an atomic proportion explostion called.
Law of attraction!

The stronger the signal going out the stronger we attract that same energy BACK TO US!!!

This is what I call the Awakening of the Human Being and the role the Pineal gland plays in that awakening.
Whew! Thats a big lets bring it down to where we are right now…and how do we apply this to our current dailey lives.
Will this ability happen overnight? I think this process will be gradual but a rapid gradual. We are in the ‘Quickening’. Changes are happening a lightspeed.
Myself personally I will be practising this ability. Much like a swimmer learns to expand his lungs to hold more oxygen. I have been spending time clearing and excercising my pineal gland 20 min in the morning and 20 at night.  I have been practising staying in my heart space longer.
Recommended HOW TO USE;

Sit or lay on the grounding mat…being grounded helps release stuck energies, also its good to be grounded when you connect to universal energies this brings the (+) and (-) energies together for a more powerful experience.. Put the two larger crystals in your hands, these are infused with special oils for mediation and awakening. The Egyptians would do treatments on their chakras by holding special ‘energy’ rods in their hands. Put the pineal crystal on your forehead between your eyes. With or without the grounding mask..what ever feels best to you. Breath the energy in and out of this area with the intention to clear, energize and awaken, the rate that is in your best interest.
(we can talk more about the role the pituitary plays in a future email)
While I am doing this I OPEN my heart and I either ask questions or I just listen and watch in a total state of relaxation.

Most Important: Follow what feels best for you. Listen to your inner brilliance

( I have also been known to wear the crystal while I am working by putting it inside a headband.)

Q & A

Will everyone ‘feel’ the pineal Crystal working right away?
Most will, However the beauty of working with natures energy is that nature will honor your free will and will not be forcefull. It has the ability to read you and knows what your ready for and when. I would say if you do not feel anything starting off just be patient and continue ‘knowing’ that your bringing some good heathy energy to your brain and play with opening your heart. You will probably notice your brain working even better. I do notice better results when I do this on the grounding mat. The mats energy is mother earth which is the (-) energy I was talking about that we have been missing so much of. We have plenty of (+)

Q-What have you noticed after 2 months of using the crystal.
1. I feel my brain expanding. Like my mind is opening and my awareness increasing. TONS of dailey Ah Ha’s!  “OH! that is how that works or OH that is why we do this”  LOVE THOSE!
2. I have more healthy energy ( my thyroid and adreanl have always been low)
3. I am funnier. This may sound silly. But it’s fun to be funny. Its like my witt has been turned on. I even have my teen age sons cracking up. That’s the true test there!
4. MANIFESTING! – I think it and it shows UP! So fun! I am rapidly attracting the people and situations that are in my best interest.
5. I am processing experiences and getting the lesson from them more quickly before it has to turn into something too uncomfortable.
6. I am seeing more color auras and feeling like I am glimpsing other realitys.
7. I love this one: I am seeing everything as a wonderful playtime in the sand box…rather than something bad has been done…its an experience to play with. I am not taking things as serious,..its like playing house or playing school. We are playing life in a 3rd demensional reality shfiting to a 4th 🙂 Wanna Play?
8. I am feeling very excited about the future and what we are going to create together collectively.
9. A sense that everything is going to be okay, EVERYTHING. Even if it does not seem okay at the moment, it is the perfect event to put me where I need to be.  A sense of deeper peace.
10. OH and I feel a little ‘high’ when I use it. Was this the orignal intention behind the word getting stoned? 🙂 Its legal, good for you, no hangover. Nice!
I was in a restraunt with some girlfreinds, the tables were full so we had to sit at the bar. Across from us was a crowd that was drinking alcohol. My friends wanted to try the pineal crystals. I was watching them getting ‘stoned’ at the bar and started to laugh..could this be the 4D bar of our future?
..”Yeah Man,..I’ll take one of those JOY crystals…”

Funny, I was watching the drinkers watching the girls with the crystals- they were very curious, their expression was like

I cant wait to see what this year will bring to LIFE PLAY with! I believe it will be the most exciting playtime we will have ever had in all our playing we have ever done on this planet!!!

Are you ready..set…go!
~Kaitlyn Keyt

The Pineal Crystal is part of the mediation kit.