Hello, My Vibrational Friends!

It’s been a while since the last newsletter. My inner knowing was saying that it was important for me to “Take some time to be still and listen.”  I knew some fun insights were ready to come in.  I would love to share a few with you. Join me for a short interesting read.

~ Kaitlyn Keyt



After being literally drawn like a magnet to move to a home that has a very old HUGE heritage oak tree, I found myself doing my listening in a hammock under this oak whom I affectionately call “Oscar”.  I was getting such amazing information in this place that I began to look quizzically at Oscar and finally had to ask, “Is this you talking to me or is it that nature can help us remember and access the brilliance we already have within ourselves?”

I found when I asked a question in my head, the answers would come.  I believe that we really do already “know”, and the more we believe in our inner knowing, the more we can access it.  You may be surprised when you ask a question and then listen how much you will learn, especially when you are in nature.  More on this later in the newsletter.


It’s a Beautiful Life!

You may have become aware that when you vibrate HIGHER, you notice more of the beauty around you.  Ahh!  What we tune into affects our vibration, and our vibration affects what we tune into.  It seems to be that one affects the other. In this case I think it can be either the chicken or the egg first. This leads to our next fascinating subject.


I have come to the conclusion that these three are in close cahoots.  “Holding hands” in the sense that when one is raised or lowered, the other follows along.  At one point, suddenly the subject of Oxygen came at me in many directions at once.  It seemed as though every other call was about Oxygen.

The most interesting of these was a woman named Kateesha.  She has a rare disease.  Her oxygen level in her blood is so low that it is life threatening.  The life expectancy with this disease is not very long.

Kateesha had her blood tested several times it was staying around a low 82 oxygen level. She had it tested again after two hours of wearing an All in one Bracelet and her oxygen level went up to a high 98.  Was it “coincidence”?  Of course I had to ask myself, “Why was her oxygen affected so strongly?”  In Divine timing, more input was coming in.

Watch how many ways these three affect each other.

1.  I tried a device that lets you know when you’re in your heart space, and was told it has to do with your oxygen levels.  Hmmm, interesting.  So when we are in the feeling of LOVE, it shows up in our oxygen level.  How about when we breathe deeply to meditate?  We bring in more oxygen, which raises our vibration, which helps to connect us to our higher wisdom.   When we are feeling LOVE, our vibration goes up.  When our vibration goes up, we find it easier to be in our heart space…LOVE.

2. Panic attacks:  If LOVE is the highest vibration, and fear is the lowest, then when someone feels extreme fear, it lowers their vibrations or life energy to a dangerously low level.  At that point the inner brilliance says, “I will save you”, and the person starts to hyperventilate, bringing their oxygen level UP, which then encourages its buddy “Vibrations” to come up too.

3. Yawning:  How about this possibility…when we are tired, our vibration is lower.  We then yawn, which brings up the oxygen level, which then raises our vibrations.  It gets even more FUN…could this be why yawns are “catchy“?  Could it be that when someone around us yawns, they have just pulled their vibrations UP?  And remember HIGH and LOW vibrations cannot coexist.  When one person raises their vibe or raises their level of oxygen, then it would cause the other to pull theirs UP.

4. Now the BEST PART…when we raise our levels of LOVE, it actually does have an affect on raising the level of LOVE on our planet.  It truly is all connected.  We are all holding hands energetically, and when we raise our Vibrations/Oxygen/LOVE, we are helping lift, not only our lives, but our planet and those around us!  OH, THE JOY!

This is how my tree can help uplift me.  It vibrates so high that just being near it affects my vibration.

Nature is LOVE, so it helps me remember that I also am LOVE.  This is how VibesUP works…it is the vibrations of nature helping us to remember, like a friend who gently takes us by the hand and is there to help guide us, if we so choose, back to our authentic true selves.

Until then, keep your VibesUP!

~Kaitlyn Keyt