The VIBE of TV 

THE VIBE OF TV and more life ah ha’s, including an EINSTEIN EXPERIMENT TO TRY…

WHEN SOMETHING FEELS ‘OFF‘ to me I ask myself WHY? and this question tends to swirl around in my unconscious mind until suddenly an answer pops in my head. It may take seconds or days or even years on some. I get so excited when an answer pops in as I am a bit addicted to solving things. It’s a very happy and fun addiction. I LOVE IT ◡̈

THIS MORNINGS ‘AH HA’ ANSWER came just as I was awaking up, as many of my answers do. When we are half asleep and half awake we are at that state where our conscious and unconscious mind can bridge as there is the hand off passing our awareness from one to the other. It’s at that moment that they can communicate with each other and our unconscious can give answers to our conscious mind. Because of this I really LOVE mornings

Einstein used to go to sleep to get his answers when he was trying to solve things. Try asking a question as your falling asleep then see if you get the answer just as your awakening. Again be patient, it may happen the first day or it may take longer.

MY ‘AH HA’ THIS MORNING WAS ON TV. I was already aware that TV puts us in a semi hypnotic state where we are susceptible to suggestions. I prefer to not watch television as it does not feel good in my body, something is ‘off’ on the frequency. I had a family member visiting that had my TV on night and day. I often work at home so I got a big dose of TV for weeks straight. But it’s good because it helped me figure something important out. When I watch a movie the ‘off’ feeling is not as bad as regular television. Hmm I wanted to know WHY.

BIG PHARM (drug industry) The other thing I wanted to figure out is if Big Pharma is so powerful why would they have to say out loud all the disclaimers of the possible side effects of their prescription drugs. They ultimately control the rules and laws, so you would think they would find away around making their product sound so bad. This didn’t fit.

HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION: I also notice every other Commercial was some kind of illness and drugs. I notice they start out with “YOU MAY EXPERIENCE,… And then a list of terrible things from dizziness, diarrhea, Stomach bleeding, loss of hearing or eyesight, feelings of depression and the list went on and on even escalating into shocking symptoms of wanting to kill yourself or others, feelings of depression, DEATH” Omg!!! WOW!
Imagine people being in a hypnotic state and the suggestive trigger being “YOU MAY EXPERIENCE” than the symptoms are implanted. Next thing you know people are getting sick, go to their doctors and get put on a plethora of prescription drugs and than more drugs to help with the side effects of those drugs and the downward spiral begins while the drug companies rake in a fortune. The percentage of the average person’s income that is spent on prescription drugs is HUGE! and TV is supporting this trend.

HAUNTING SHOCKER. Years ago I was walking through my local drug store of which there is one on nearly every corner. I happen to walk by the pharmacy section and what I saw stopped me in my tracks! It was evening and the pharmacy was closed and was full of about 10 stand up racks, each rack was loaded to the hilt with about 150 or more prescriptions ready to be picked up. I was doing the math in my head and thinking “Are my neighbors really this sick?!”  And that was only one of many pharmacies in my neighborhood! Wow! The drug industry was thriving!!! And masses of people are suffering!

WHAT IF…people turn off the hypnotic machines feeding them suggestive illnesses (TV) and got out in nature, starting eating healthy live foods, visiting and laughing with loved ones, making real life experiences rather than watching others have experiences on TV, juicing, raising their vibes, getting themselves on an upward life spiral. I can imagine there would be a lot less suffering and a lot more BLOSSOMING AND THRIVING.

SUGGESTION: If there are shows you really enjoy that uplift you (for me it’s watching hgtv, I love it when old run down old houses get a new fresh chance at life with a fun makeover) but what I do is I mute the commercials. I wish someone would invent a device that would do that automatically. I know some folks use a recording device that lets them fast forward the commercials. I have not figured that one out yet. I also make sure I am sitting on an earth mat while watching, as the balanced high vibrating nature vibe can help make us less susceptible to the hypnotic frequencies that TV puts out.

I ALSO SUGGEST only watching movies and tv shows that uplift you. Anything that causes you stress, sadness or fear is totally draining your life gold energy tank and pulling your vibe down. When our vibe is down we become a magnet for attracting low vibe people, situations and disease. Let’s put our attention to things that are uplifting to us and our vibes! Pay attention to what FEELS draining and try not to participate in those things, notice what FEELS uplifting and do a lot MORE of that!

OUR LIFE IS OUR CREATION and an accumulation of moment to moment choices. YOUR FEELINGS ARE THE BEST LIFE GPS SYSTEM! The way to turn on our INNER GPS, is to turn on our feelings. FEEL, FEEL FEEL your way to a happy, healthy, prosperous, high vibin life! ◡̈