Are we SLEEPY SHEEP handing over our FREEDOM in FEAR baskets?


4th of July in America is a celebration of FREEDOM and Liberty. But it’s a profoundly important subject for us ALL to pay close attention to at this time. If it makes you feel a bit squirmy, that’s ok. It’s totally worth it. If our ancestors avoided squirms we would not have the freedoms we enjoy today. Now it’s our turn to stay awake at the wheel and stand strong for this most precious treasure.


We the masses have far more authority over outcomes than we realize. Wait till you hear the exciting changes we have already done! Whoo hoo!! I am so heart proud of us!


As always when ever I share what feels like truth to me I suggest you filter that information through your own heart, taking in what resonates and leaving on the shelf anything that does not feel like a fit for you.


each individual being able to listen to the wisdom of their own heart and having the abilIty to act accordingly as long as it does no harm to others.

I looked up the word LIBERTY and it’s definition was : freedom from arbitrary or despotic government or control, freedom from interference, obligation, restriction, hampering conditions, etc.; power or right of doing, thinking, speaking, etc., according to choice.

If America was founded on liberty, than how can they take it away? They don’t, they get us to do it to our selves. You will learn that trick as you read on.

THE QUICKENING: We are in what some call the quickening where everything speeds up. The big shifts we spoke of as we approached 2012 are indeed happening. My saying was “No Fear, No Myth, it’s a Vibrational Shift.” And boy howdy are things ever shifting fast!!

When things speed up make sure your AWAKE and your hands are firmly on the wheel!

We hear a lot of talk about humanity awakening. What does awakening mean to you and to the future of our freedoms? When we are awake we are aware of what’s going on around us and we allow in, what’s in our highest and best interest and we put firm but loving boundaries up when our personal truth is being approached upon.


Part of being awake is realizing that we the people are fully in charge of our destiny and we DO have the authority to decide what we want our future to be like. Many just give up and think we have no choice but to follow the path that a few who want to control the masses would have for us.

EXAMPLE! I am going to share an example to help us see what impact we have! In days of past when someone went to the hospital they were only offered invasive western medicine options. Now hospitals all across the country are starting to open holistic divisions! WHO CREATED THIS CHANGE? We did! HOW? We stood firm with our alternative medicine choices and put our money in that direction. The medical industry fought and fought trying to stomp out the fire of natural well being as it threaten the financial giant they had become. But we held strong, as the scales started to tip and the masses defended their health freedoms the medical industry wisely decided ‘if you can’t beat em join em’ the underlying reason they are adding these holistic divisions is to keep that money flowing their direction BUT that’s ok. As long as they do not try to make herbs and vitamins by perscription only, I love the idea of a patient being able to have holistic choices at a hospital. GOOD JOB let’s all celebrate the impact we made as a collective here. WE ARE IN CONTROL OF OUR FUTURE!

BIG PICTURE: I am going to explain the bigger picture that I see, but be aware that once you see it you can not UNSEE it. 🙂


Some of you remember how I said in the past that as we start to awaken and step into our empowerment that those who used to have the power over the masses would go into fear and desperately fight for keeping that control? I jokingly suggested we visualize a big fat spoiled baby that was about to have it’s candy taken away. It would throw a tantrum but eventually give the candy up, as it is the time for us each to step into our personal empowerment, FREEDOM!

Well the spoiled baby is not only wanting to keep the candy (power) it’s in full on SLY FOX mode to take all the candy (Empowerment) from each individual. We live in a FREE WILL universe and our personal FREEDOM is being laid out in front of us as a CHOICE. But most are asleep in the face of this choice.


In Rome is was a common joke amongst the authorities that you can pull the wool over the eyes of the masses and get away with anything governmentally if you keep the public in WINE and ENTERTAINMENT. This is why the coliseum was built and massive money funneled into it. It was the smoke screen decoy for the public.

I can see this to be true today as shocking things are happening right under our noses and the most folks will do is complain for 5 min than avert their attention back to who’s the next American idol contestant and where is my Big Mac and beer or streak and wine. I am amazed at the blatant open crimes the public institution are committing, and openly getting away with it. They must be high fiving, snickering and elbowing each other over how sleepy the public has become. They may be in for a surprise as I feel we will not sleep long. 🙂

How the FREEDOM TRICK works:

Let me reveal one of the biggest tricks in the book of how our FREEDOM is slyly taken from us. It’s thru FEAR. They have this trick down to a fine art. First you CREATE an incident, than you blow it up with the media over and over until you create a mass public fear than you slip in a law that people will pass even though it takes their freedom away, all the while keeping their eye on the fear. Oh, AND the side entertainment is going on incase the public consider having a moment to think about it. I learned this trick from my past of being involved in the political side of defending our rights to health choices. Now I see it happening all around us on a large scale and calculated way.

A LITTLE BOYS NOTE: Some schools are even programming the children to be receptive to this. Parents went into an uproar when they found in their child’s lunch pail a note written in crayon by that child saying “I am wiling to give up my freedoms for safety” the schools had the children write this and carry it with them like a pledge!

Again I have seen the FEAR than taking freedom going on around us on a mass scale lately and know that in most cases THEY created the fear incident , I will repeat, THEY CREATE THE INCIDENT, than they follow with the laws that take our freedoms .


The most recent that really FIRED me up was the whooping cough incident. Now I do not want to step on the toes of your beliefs in this area and I honor each of your truths here. Remember thats what it’s all about. Each of us being able to follow the truths of our own hearts.

Here is my opinion:

I studied intensity into the subject of immunizations and could speak for hours on what I feel is really going on here. As soon as I heard the media carrying on about the whooping cough I said out loud here comes the FEAR next will come the LAW. Sure enough they are currently trying to pass laws that take away our freedom of choice in this area.

Many do not know that currently you DO have the right to turn the immunization requirement paper over and write “This is against my beliefs” and you are exempt.

There is a REASON they want the children dumbed down with poison injections that include mercury and many other heavy toxins. The youth are notoriously the ones that step forward to protect freedom. The No Shots No School campaign had a much deeper agenda.

Again I could speak passionately for hours on the subject of immunization with common sense and facts that would blow your mind. I feel it is NOT the children that have not had the shots that are toxic it’s the ones that have had them that can potentially carry these viruses. They tell day cares to be aware of the toxins in diapers or noses of recently vaccinated children. Did you know most of the kids that got the whooping cough had already received the shots for this? My studies included speaking directly to pediatric nurses who whispered to me “DONT DO IT” they said the only cases of whooping cough they had seen were by children who had been given whooping cough shots. If that is the case why are there people fighting so HARD to have a poison injected that does not appear to work? And let’s say immunizations did work, they say immunity is temporary. We all know childhood diseases are easier on kids and can be deadly to adults. Why would we want to postpone our susceptibility?

Maybe a shot of common sense is needed here.

Did you also know there are funds set up to care for the many children that are permanently damaged by these shots? One doctor was trying to force my friend Anita to give her son the shots. She went wise owl on him and said “ok, but only if I do not have to sign your waiver releasing you of liability.” His answer was NO WAY! I am not going to risk my practice like that. And her answer was “And yet you want me to risk my son?”

The whole point here is FREEDOM of choice. If you feel that shots are your truth than you should be allowed, if you feel they are not, you should never be forced to do something so deeply invasive. To make laws forcing us to inject poisons into our precious babies, children and us is NOT EMPOWERMENT it is NOT FREEDOM. (Wow! can you tell I feel strong about this one) 🙂 🙂


Oh YES this is real and if we allow it, it will be their attempt at total control of humanity. (It’s coming soon and thru the back door of the new governmental health care system)


before your heart starts pounding and your hands go clammy with FEAR, let’s shift our perspective on this.

Let’s remember we ARE on a course of human awakening and all this is just the baby with the candy.

Do not be afraid of the few who are trying desperately to hold on to the control of the masses. Remember the impact we can make. Be excited over the times we are IN. It takes a little churning of the milk to create butter. Stay in your heart, stand in your power and nudge those around you to listen to their hearts and stand in their power. Pay attention, take action, stand up for your truth, rather than just complain and return to the comfort of entertainment.

And KNOW that as we stay awake and FOLLOW OUR HEARTS we are right on course to a bright and beautiful future.

Useful TIP: We live in a FREE WILL universe. Meaning the governing law of this universe is FREE WILL. The KEY is to ‘stake claim’ to this. Create your own declaration in your own words from your heart, repeat them as you feel inspired. It may start like this “Under the universal law of free will, I stake claim to my right to….”


I had a long talk with my mother on this subject and even though we have very different beliefs we honored each other’s truth and both agreed that everything is boiling down to one thing. A CHOICE of LOVE or Hate. Humanity is at a pivotal fork; Do we choose LOVE which is FREEDOM or Hate which is a form of human SLAVERY. No judgment on what anyone’s choice is. It’s just an experience. The joyful song in my heart is LET FREEDOM RING, let human empowerment and the heart of each individual RULE

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