An intuitive reading from your salad? Yes Plants can read our minds!

Hello, My Vibrational Friends!

An intuitive reading from your salad?  Yes Plants can read our minds! 🙂   Join me for some interesting and practical tips and discover more of how our nature ‘knows’ how to care for us.

~ Kaitlyn Keyt


Proof! Plants can read our minds!

You know that good feeling you get when you pick something NATURAL vs. Synthetic? I am happy to share more reasons to feel good about that choice and understand why Natural is so important.

One day the man who invented the lie detector test was sitting in his living room and got an urge to try something different.  He hooked his system up to one of his plants.  Now what? “Hmmm” He thought to himself, “I wonder what would happen if I burn a leaf on this plant?” BAM!  The plant’s stress level went crazy on the graphs.  How exciting!  He realized this was a major major BREAKTHROUGH. This established evidence that plants can read our minds.

It gets even better. They began reproducing this experiment across the county in different labs, but suddenly it stopped working.  After further examination it was discovered that the lab techs were not actually intending to burn the plants, they were just thinking the thoughts. The plants could read not only their thoughts, but also their intentions behind their thoughts.

Our Food and Tools can read us?

When I heard this story from the book Secret life of Plants, it helped me understand that when we work with, or consume, something natural it can read us. When we use something natural, it brings an energy that knows how much our unique system requires, when to step forward to our aid and when to back off. When something synthetic delivers an energy it does not have that ability to read us, it just brings it, with no regard for our personal needs or freewill. This would explain how all our beautiful natural tools, supplements, and raw foods are so gifted at working with us.  Just like a mother knows just what her children need, Mama Nature knows how to care for us.

The PUZZLE PIECE I needed!

Now I had the answer to the question my customers had been asking me.  They wanted to know why for example when they were under stress they could feel something going on with their stress bracelet, tingling or warming sensation.  This is wild!  A woman who carries VibesUP at a very popular store in LA said her customers were having this type of experience but she had not.  One night she was at a party and her Energy bracelet warmed up.  She thought that is odd, I am really not that tired.  As she left the party she received a call from a good friend in serious need of her Heath treatments she does.  She ended up working long hours into the night.  As she excitedly shared her experience we were both in awe of how her bracelet knew she would need this energy even before she did.  WOW, nature is BRILLIANT! I LOVE IT.

Teen BOYS and the Libido Bracelet

Recently I had a wonderful woman I know purchased two I want it all Bracelets for her teenage nephews. Because this bracelet has all 18 themes in the one bracelet she asked me to PLEASE leave out the libido formula.  I was happy to tell her that Nature knows that a teenage boy already has enough libido and it would not activate or bring forward this energy.  That’s why we also call it the Smart bracelet as the Nature within it is reading us and activates only the formulas that we are needing and the ones we are not will stay in the background, inactive.

Psychic Salad

So if this is the case with nature, it tickles me to think of our food reading us and knowing what we need when.  I can see the chatter in our salad:  “Okay Broccoli and Carrot, what I read on our consumer is they really need the extra D.  Connie Carrot has her work cut out for eye help; did you see our person try to read the menu?  I also sense there is some depression so our friend Cranberry is going to activate.  We also are predicting a cranky boss incident at 4pm so Robert Radish is going to step forward in advance.  Okay team lets GO!!”  Processed dead foods by the way would not have this ability to read us like the live natural foods.  Good News, though! When you charge your dead food with an energy coaster you are bringing some life and awareness back to your food.  Lazarus Lasagna!

Are we reading The Game or is it reading US?

We have a Vibe CheckUP game that will diagnose your energy and let you know what is best for you and when. People LOVE this game as it is so accurate and they can actually feel the energy activating.  NOW I am beginning to have a greater understanding of how this works.  Each piece is treated with the different formulas and that energy is written on the back.  When you ask a question and than scan your hand across the pieces some of them will feel different, you turn them over for your answers.  I used to think your body was reading the pieces, but now I am starting to think the nature in each formula is reading our minds, knowing our question and will activate to answer us.

You can work with it to practice giving yourself intuitive readings and you can do energy work on yourself or others by asking “What energy would be good for me today?” and then put the pieces that respond on your body and breathe the energy in and out.  We have this energy game available in a large version of bright pretty sun magnets that stick to your fridge, but my favorite is the travel size version, it’s in a pretty little clear purse with a ribbon handle.  You can bring it out to coffee with friends and deal them out on the table, play with the energies, and ask questions.  It’s fun and profound at the same time.

The pieces can also stick to your fridge as thy have magnet backs.  An example of a question would be “What would help me with this job?”  Pick the strongest piece, than the next strongest until you get 5 pieces in that order.  Now turn them over, and the answers will start to flow.  Or another question might be “What would help with my health?”  You might expect the health piece to be strongest, but instead you get the stress relief piece.  Ah now it is answering the root of the question.  This is also a useful way to diagnose what bracelets are best for you each day.  Unless you want to be like me and wear both arms full of bracelets, leaving it up to nature to decide which ones to activate for me and when. Ahh Mama KNOWS! :)