Join me on this VERY DIFFERENT radio interview.

The ATOM speaks & EMF’s are they just looking for LOVE in all the wrong places?
YES! They’re just Daddies looking for Mommies!

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This email includes a picture of my work space with some creative EMF solutions.

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I was not the kid in school who loved science but recently my inner knowing told me the ATOM had a BIG message for me. I thought Oh NO! this will be complicated. However I was surprised how easy this little professor, ’Mr. ATOM’ went on me. I learned some simple and humorous big picture solutions to what can help us heal our lives and our planet. Than the ATOM gave me a message of PROOF of how powerful the human being really is. YAHOO another reason to believe in ourselves!


As we know the growing amounts of EMF’s in our lives are bringing destruction to people, bees, trees…and more.  Some say just IGNORE it,  otherwise your in ”FEAR”. I say do not ignore it AND do not be in fear.  I love AWARENESS and solutions.   I was happy to get this simple and humorous explanation from the ATOM.

Setting Daddies UP on dates with the mommies? 

YEP its that easy. ….. heheheeh  Think of our cell phones, computers, microwaves etc as Daddies (+), positive ions, desperately seeking out dates with the Mommies (-)  negative ions at ANY EXPENSE.  Learn how to be a match maker,  creating happy Daddies and bringing balance that neutralizes the destruction.

Later I will teach you how to make a  vision board with an atom…I know I sound like a nerd but its really pretty powerful and fun.

This newsletter in a (((NUTSHELL)))

Postiive ions (+) must complete or balance themselves by collecting (-) negative ions. Our electronics put out massive positive ions (+)  and as long as there are plenty of (-) negative ions (nature) around you,  the (+)will ‘feed’ on the nature to complete themselves. When it does not have the negative ions around (nature) it will go for the next best thing and literally etch away at your bodies causing even more imbalances, mental, physical and emotional. In a nutshell, the influx of electronics are creating a deficit in negative ions(-)  as are denying and  stuffing our emotions,(-) and eating food lacking in nature (-) and not having our feet and bodies connected to nature(-).   These are the major contributors to many of our life ‘issues’
Interesting it all boils down to the same thing…
Can you see the pattern?
We have an imbalance of too much (+) left brain, positive ions, papa energy, thought and not enough of the (-) right brain, negative ions, mama energy, emotions, NATURE.  Not that the (+) energy is BAD,..its just out of balance and wrecking havoc. Could many of our solutions be as simple and humorous as just being a match maker for these hungry fellows (+) and bringing in the (-)  feminine’?

More Nature less synthetic. Get out into Nature as much as you can and bring more nature into your life.

VibesUP is all about Nature here is a link to some of our Favorite EMF products.
 Keep in mind however nothing is 100 percent. I suggest not wearing your cell phone up against your body, not having a laptop directly on your fact as often as you can, walk away from the computer and go say HELLO to the GREAT outdoors!  I have taken a photo of my recent solution to working with a laptop in the least (+) way I can. Its hard for me to avoid the computer as I get MANY emails every day.


Here are is how I personally manage a day of so much computer time….I sit on an the NEW EMF mat, I put my laptop on a side table.and plug a keyboard into it. I glued strips of Divine Mat to the underside of the keyboard  (that’s the underside of it showing leaned up against the arm of my chair..and added laptop stones under the laptop (update I now put a mat under the laptop) and an earth squishie were my hand rest to move the mouse.  I am very sensitive to EMF’s. Without this I could not work, as laptops and cell phone literally burn me.