Quality is a must.

As leaders in the vibrational energy field, we at VibesUP feel a sense of responsibility to bring and maintain integrity in what we feel is absolutely the final frontier in life solutions ‘Vibrational Energy’.

We have our products tested at a clinic in Ireland that has a plethora of machines for testing vibrational energy and how it affects each part of our system.

Additionally, we have had tests performed with the latest Russian energy testing devices, that can test a product’s effect in many areas. We also utilize Kirilian photography in the testing of our energy tools.

As of June 2015, we will have added the latest, most advanced energy testing machines directly into our production facilities to be able to do live testing and assist us in perfecting new energy inventions we are constantly experimenting with. These inventions will not only help improve how we live but they will also bring uplifting changes that can help save our precious planet on a very real and large scale.

We believe that a person should not just rely on outside testing but additionally do their own research and experiments.
Here is a list below of effective testing you can do in your own home that does not require expensive machines and allows you to develop a first hand knowledge of energy and how it affects you, your food, drinks, pets, kids ETC.

See Pictures of energy experiments and more info on testing below. 
Visual WOW’s!
Healthy Energy can be too fast for for the human eye to see but when we freeze water it slows the energy down for us to be able to actually SEE IT!
Frozen water without VibesUP
Frozen water WITH VibesUP (notice the energy vortex of life)
Next image is of the energetic pattern of light coming through VibesUP charged water.


Here are some ideas on ways to help expand your awareness of energy, your body, and your environment.

1. SHOW ME! Try freezing water with the VibesUP Earth Energy piece under the glass – notice the crystalline formations it creates at a higher vibration. (If you want to do a before test, you need to do the non-energy test first as once your earth piece enters your freezer it raises the vibration of that environment even after you take it out.)

2. FEEL IT!  Hold it to an area that is stiff or sore – notice a significant change in 5-10 minutes.

3. MAKING OXYGEN – The Bubble Experiment:  Vibrations and oxygen tend to go hand-in-hand. Raise or lower one and the other follows. Put a bottle of water on the earth piece, and let it sit – as it raises the vibration of the water, notice in time that bubbles of oxygen also start to form in the water!

4. EATING TEST– Try eating something that usually leaves you tired and drained but this time charge it for 2-5 min first – notice how much better you feel eating charged food.

5. MUSCLE TEST: We test on expensive machines, but you can do an affordable, accurate test using your body’s wisdom. What makes you strong or weak is an indicator of what increases your life energy and what drains it. If you do not know how, do a YouTube search for ‘how to muscle test.’
5A) Try a test thinking about the people, situations or food that may not be uplifting so you can have awareness of what things you may want to shift in the upcoming year. Our bodies know what’s best for us.
5B) Test food or drinks, then charge it by holding it to anything VibesUP for a minute or two and then retest them. When food is first picked it is full of live energy, but by the time we get it, it can be pretty dead and drained. Notice how much stronger you test when the food has been recharged with natural energy.
5C) Test thinking of a challenge, then hold the earth energy piece to your inner-wrist for 2 mins and test again. Maybe even get really playful if someone has a blood pressure tester and see how blood pressure is affected by different scenarios.

6. TASTE TEST: Taste water and then let it charge for a while and taste it again. Not only is it smoother, silkier, slightly sweeter, but also more alive! Some can even taste the difference in their charged food.

7. A VIBE CAR WASH– This is a whole body energy test and Energy TuneUP. If you have two VibesUP items, hold one of them on the front and back of chest area and let the energy go where its priority is. You could line up 10 family members and they would all have different experiences, as energy tends to go where their priority is. Nature never forces, so some may feel nothing while others that are ready for beneficial change may even notice their bodies moving around as they realign.
8. EMOTIONAL CLEARING– or Nature Spa!: Try holding the VibesUP Earth Bottom Bottle to the heart chakra and just close your eyes and relax. Stony bottom on the chest, with bottle pointed out (the steel works like an antenna) – notice the feeling of releasing stuck emotions that may be holding you back in life (or re-attracting similar situations). You may also notice a sense of peace like you’re in a Nature S

REMEMBER NOTHING IS 100% so remember to use speaker phones when you can, or the wired eared buds not the wireless and don’t forget to put down the technology and go spend more time connecting to NATURE!