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LOVE your products and every time I try a new item, I am never disappointed. Thank you, Kaitlyn.

I loved your talk about the EMF, entities and energy vampires. It resonated so close to my heart. I got sick with fibromyalgia 6 months after buying a brand new condo

I had it tested and it was the worst case they had seen of Electromagnetic radiation, Geopathic stress, Mold radiation (it was a leaky condo) AND entity radiation.

The EMR fields were equivalent to living under the highest high tension wires and there were no wires (as confirmed by a gaussmeter obtained from BC Hydro). The consultant said it was either incorrect wiring or the building wasn’t grounded, plus under ground cross streams producing the geopathic radiation.

I survived the ordeal but have now become so sensitive to all that stuff.
Your products are truly a God-Send for people like me, and all people who are breathing on the planet, if they only knew about this stuff.

Thank you again and I love that you keep appearing on more shows and being more loved all over the world. I wish you much continued success in your business and with the governmental bullies. (yet another form of toxic radiation)

Big hugs,

wow kaitlyn, i just wanted to thank u for sharing your wonderful wisdom and helping us to open up our own “knowings”…. your new “dead door” information was huge for me, without going into my history, thank you for explaining this stuff in a way that is not scary anymore. Every time i listen to your talks, expansion follows and more density falls away. in love & gratitude

I have ordered your knee wraps twice for my husband who loves them. He wears them on both knees when he works long days as a Pharmacist.. Both knees are at the point of total joint replacement. (which is a painful place to be) thank you!

I bought the wrist wrap for my son who did not use it. I have just put it on and it feels great. Obviously you don’t need to have a sore wrist!

Your old purple mats were great, but the new dark rich ones are amazing. It is so nice to have mats that plates sit comfortably on and everything is just buzzing.

Soles- Recently I volunteered to help a friend who needed to do 100 sessions of Therapeutic Touch to get her Certification. She had me take off my shoes and lie on a bed while she ran her pendulum over my body to see what needed balancing. As it went in large circles all the way up, her eyes got really big and she exclaimed, “Your chakras are all completely balanced! There’s nothing for me to do!” To which I replied, “That’s because of the chakra-balancing soles I wear in my shoes…” It was proof to both of us that the Divine Soles really do work!

Fridge Crystals- A few months ago, my husband remarked that a gallon of milk I had bought was still fresh after being in the refrigerator for a whole month. He was trying to complement me on picking out a good carton, like it was a watermelon or something! I told him that he would have to give credit to the Infused Fridge Crystals instead; they keep everything fresh longer than seems possible. Amazing!

I recently received the wonderful package of goodies listed below and am enjoying their effects. I was particularly attracted to my Earth Ionizer pendant. It seems that it can be used as a portal through which I can send my negative emotions away while replacing them with love. The flow is palpable. Thank you.

I got into structuring our water through magnetism a few years ago and your earth bottom sippy cup has enhanced the taste and feel even more.

On Divine earth energy eye mask:
They are just so great! Sleeping with a mask is like being on vacation every night and waking up newly-born!

I can really feel the difference when I wear and use VibesUP products. My brain keeps getting sharper the older I get, while people around me are getting fuzzier all the time. I think the effect must be cumulative. I made a big road trip by myself, and got home in 2 days (26 hours of driving) sitting on a mat, with divine soles in my shoes, bracelets and pendants galore, and pockets full of Vibes intention stones. Ahhh, bliss….

Thank you for making all this possible for me and others. You are truly an inspiration to me. How you have been able to bring these ideas from nature into reality just boggles my mind. Amazing doesn’t even cover it.

HI Kaitlyn, Geez Loise what till I tell you what happened !!!!! My husband and I noticed this past spring that one little sunflower seed from the feeders in our trees was able to elude the squirrels, chipmunks, wild turkeys, and mourning doves } this one little Sunflower shoot growing, and it was right in front of the window where I sit at my computer. I was over the moon as I could look out and see my little Sunflower !!!! Well this past Friday one of our friends came over to visit and accidently stepped on the little Sunflowwer ! I was crushed !!!!! This little seed against all odds managed to root and now it laying on it’s side, pulled up by it’s roots and had a cut on the side of it’s tender stalk !!!!!! We decided to replant it and put a circle of rocks around it, so it would be protected. gave it lots of water but it was looking quite wounded, wilted and hardly alive when I remembered I had some left over pieces from my divine sole shoe inserts that I bought from VibesUp, I put some pieces around the little sunflower. Well this morning I went out and lo and behold my little Sunflower is standing straight up !!! I now it sounds weird to be emotionally attached to a little flower but to me it is symbolic of so many things, mainly the ability to achieve, thrive and grow in the face of all odds, a testement to the magic, beauty and wonderment of Nature !!! Sorry this is so long but wanted to share !

First I wanted to say “THANK YOU!!!” for making the eye mask! It has been a true lifesaver for me. I can’t thank you enough. I have recurring iritis (inflammation of the iris) that has been causing me many difficulties, and your mask has been great support. My treatment time for a flare up has been cut to at least a quarter!

Hi Kaitlyn,

I can’t tell you how much your products are just making an amazing difference in my life and also my clients.

I’ve started using them in my work and my results are so much better – we are speeding up the healing process.

I have noticed in my healing work and in yoga healing, that somebody’s vital force needs to have a certain level to actually start the healing process.

Your products are helping me lift up their vibrations to the place where they have enough feeling of well being to get them started on their journey to physical mental and emotional health.

Someday I imagine myself having all of your products in my physical space 🙂

Also, I use the crystal cream daily and love it.

Earth ionizer pendant-
I am opening all my new products out slowly, so I can savour them one at a time.
I just received a miracle with the Earth Ionizer Smart Pendant! 🙂 ….
Instantly upon putting it on, tension in my chest released & I took an involuntary HUGE breath:-)
Relaxation spread down my spine into my nervous system, into my skin -as I type, I even feel more connected to my hands! I feel like this is helping give me back my body, am so grateful!
Even my EYES are more relaxed, i never want to take it off… I can even feel it working repairing my aura…. I am literally crying with joy to finally find something that is helping me as I am a sensitive trying to live in our harsh toxic world…. so incredible that such a small & innocuous looking pendant can be so very powerful…

I am very sensitive to my environment. I’ve tried several different things that are supposed to help with the computer EMF etc (plants, crystals, special ‘plates’ etc), nothing made any difference as far as I could tell.
Than I sat on the VibesUP grounding mat, wore the special earth ionizer necklace, Divine Soles & attached a bit of excess divine soles to my mouse (with sellotape!) than I put a mat ON the computer itself & IMMEDIATELY!!! My body just LET GO…. I am (within minutes!) breathing a little easier, tension in my back that I did not even know was there is releasing & I have tears in my eyes as more of my scatty sensitive spirit has a home-coming re-union with my body.

EMF- I really thank you for bringing your EMF computer/ cell phone products to the world – a lot of ‘canary in the coal mine’ sensitive people are having a really hard time getting on with their lives due to the EMF’s etc – you were sent to help us – I Know!! Bless you!

When the box of goodies arrived this past weekend. I laid each item out in front of me.. Hearing you speak about your products as your babies, I feel their is such divine wisdom infused in each one. My heart expands knowing that such a profound connection with the earth is possible. You show us all it is not only possible, it is for us ALL here and now!

Hello Kaitlyn just want to thank you for the items I purchased l love them all …. I tried talking to a special tree in my garden after listening to your talks, I had no idea what I was doing so I used some yes yes no no testing not sure if it was subc talking or tree, so I tried just closed my eyes and put my two hands on the branch and wow . I started spinning clockways round and round then I started asking negative questions, it stopped and went anti clock ways spin….. what an experience thank you so much for all the information I would have never tried if it was not for you.

Hi Kaitlyn,

You are brilliant and I am SO GRATEFUL for your products. Let’s just get clear on that right off the bat. Hee hee!

I use your deodorant and charging mat, and wear the pendant daily. The bracelet is my next purchase. The black and white does go with everything!!! I just love all your babies as if I had birthed them myself.

I look forward to being an affiliate in the future and partnering with you in some way. Your products are so beneficial. Thanks again for being you!

Love and Blessings!

Re Sheila Show:
Dear Dear Dear Sheila…just got through listening once again to Kaitlyn’s second part of the call. And I am so thankful for this and I am ordering the two part program… because as I listened the first time, believe this or not my Heart made the choice to order… I still cannot believe this Angel/Teacher/Guide has this Sacred information all together…and so easy to understand….it is beyond awesome…You see Sheila I also have a special connection to trees, but thought who would believe me?

Hi, just wanted to share with you some great results with your toothpaste. I have always had to go to the dentist for heavy plaque build up. I always had super sensitive gums during cleaning and would just have to wait and endure those sudden sharp pains that would come. Well on my last cleaning when the hygienist was done I had noticed and commented that my gums most be in good shape as I didn’t experience a signal sensitive area. It didn’t even cross my mind tell she asked me what I was doing differently…if I was using sensydne?. My eyes lit up when I realized…no I am using this vibes up stuff…so I preceded to tell her all about it. The proof is in the pudding : ). Keep  up the great work.Oh and my plaque build up has greatly decreased.


Hi Kaitlyn I’ve purchased the ionizer swirl gift set to distributed to family members who have admired mine. Thank you too for sharing your gifts and talents so that we can raise our vibrations. Your products are really beyond human vocabulary. . . blessings to you and your elves!

I put your cream on a wound (from my daughter’s puppy) that was taking forever to heal even though I continually cleaned it out and slathered it with antibiotic cream. As soon as I put your cream on it, it started to heal. Love it! Thanks.

I have to let you know a personal testimonial for the divine mask. Yesterday I had a wisdom tooth out and came home with a VERY swollen face. I wrapped the divine mask around the left side of my jaw and within 1/2 hour, the swelling had completely gone down!! Amazing!! Today there is still no swelling and I was able to eat solid foods instead of soup and yoghurt!! Love you, love VibesUP. Thanks Kaitlyn xx

I love the Crystal Cream. My daughter has stopped telling me how tired I look since I started using it – a definite plus! 🙂

Quick story!!! : ) I took my small and medium size mats to Ohio over the
holidays to show my sister…. and her 9 year old son was sitting with us
one night while we were talking about them and about running enegy, he asked
what the heck the mats were and I said they had crushed up crystals and
essential oils and such and you can use them for healing. I said he could put it on
his leg where he was feeling muscle pain (he had wrestling practice earlier
that day) : )….. and the next thing we know, he is standing on his bed, he
put the mat on top of a picture of their house (crystal side down – he is SO
SMART!) and it looked like he was sending Energy through the mat to the
picture….. my sister is not really paying attention to him and I say,
“Hey, are you sending healing energy to your house?” and he
matter-of-factly, says, “Yeah”. And my sister’s eyes get really big and
she’s like, “Whaaaaah???” so I ask him, “Why are you doing that?” and he
says….. (out of the mouths of babes)….. “Because it seemed like a good
thing to do”….. !!!! WOO HOO! I got all teary eyed and my sister was like,
“WOW!!” 🙂

THANK YOU so much for your products and your contribution to raising our
Vibrations. I am SO EXCITED about 2013 and the possibilities.

Love you! Love your products!!!

“I’m excited to tell you about a joyous discovery that my husband and I have made. Since we put our large earth mat on our bed, the level of intenseness of our physical intimacy has reached glorious heights! At first, we thought that it was just a “quirk” or something, but we have tested it several times and the result is the same every time. It’s mind-blowing! And quite Divine. (I might mention that I am 74 years old and my husband is 67 years old.) We are very grateful to you for sharing your genius with us and the world. We appreciate you.”

This is fun!


I am SO excited about my double stuff!!
Since Thanksgiving, I have been eating pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake, and pumpkin ice cream basically for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, yet I still feel great. I think the saving grace is that I have been charging all these goodies on VibesUp products. Also, I think the new Double Stuff grounding mats, which I sit and sleep on, are super energizing!

Hello Kaitlyn and company,

I’m writing to say how much I’m enjoying my EMF/phi-shell-spiral bracelet. I do not usually wear bracelets surprisingly I find myself wearing it all the time. I find it wears well with all my daily activities. It doesn’t have that bothering binding feeling on my wrist; slides up nicely out of harm’s way when I raise my arm; it’s not so dainty that I have to worry about hitting it against something; it’s comfortable in every way. I am very pleased with the quality of workmanship. I already knew I’d like the design, but I liked it even better in person. The working of the clasp puzzled me for a while, but once I got in on, I loved the simplicity and great security of it and how it actually fits into the design of the bracelet
And I just love the energy from it. I’m dealing with a longterm chronic illness, The steady flow of energy from that bracelet is like I am being fed, some really wholesome easy-to-digest (energy) food that I really needed.

I got this bracelet and a bunch of other things for me and for others for Christmas presents.

I love how you incorporate beauty into what you make, because beauty is one of the best healers I know.


I am a 70’s male who lives a very active life. For several years I have experienced foot problems resulting from the loss of muscle tissue on the bottoms of my feet. Literally, they are skin and bones. The fleshy tissue that cushions the sole of the foot has disappeared, and as the result, I no longer walk barefooted if avoidable, and shoes are no longer my friend.

. Several months ago I was introduced to VibesUp’s Divine Soles, a product intended to provide a number of physical and balancing benefits. While I cannot speak to all of them, I can, with certainty, say that they work for me and I will no longer wear a pair of shoes without them.

EMF Snap Wrap
Hi Kaitlyn – I first have to say, I so needed this product! THANK YOU!!!! I work as a secretary, have for years, and spend a great deal of time at the computer typing. My right wrist has bothered me for years. Then I received the new VibesUp Snap Bracelet!!!!! It is amazing! I have been wearing it for a week and a half. I even wear it at night.
I can feel those healing vibes on my wrist and best of all, no pain!!!!! I will order another one for the other hand!!!!! Just wanted to let you know how much it is helping – excellent!!!1


I love your products. My daughter has had excessive sweating for years and your deodorant is the first thing that has really helped her. For a teenage girl, that means the world. For her mother, too. Thank you so much.

Hello! I got my package yesterday — oh my gosh, how much fun! Love love love it all. The snap wraps are so cool. The EMF Harmonizer fits snuggly around my arm/wrist and I feel so protected (Kinda like Wonder Woman). I just love the way the EMF harmonizer feels. I would love to get one for my husband.

Preparing a Sensitive child for school:
I just put soles in my sons shoes buy cutting up a VibesUP divine Mat. He is a very sensitive loving boy very similar to me and I am glad to be able to send him out into the world without me by his side with good vibes to help him out with the not so nice things that kids can do or say. Wow I have been excited for him to start school because I think he will love it but as I write this the tears are coming and surprising me a bit. this is a big time for us and I thank you for your part in this transition. I am going to ask him tomorrow if he wants to wear the Earth ionizer pendant. 🙂 thanks I love you.
With love and gratitude for who you are.

Kaitlyn’s response:
Ahh! Those look cool! He has ROCKS in his shoes and boys love rocks. It’s like his private rock collection. But they are magical rocks that help put a secret bubble around him. A bubble that he can choose to let things thru or let things bounce off the bubble and not effect him or if it does come thru it won’t bother him very long it will come in for a quick visit especially if he feels it and says hello than it will leave. If he ignores it or try’s to push it away it will hang out longer in hopes of getting noticed. I can tell you sister the protection feeling for our sensitive sons never stops. My son is also super sensitive I  tell him I will never stop holding is hand as he rides life’s big feelings roller coaster. It makes him feel better to know I am here.
Oh and even if they pull their hand away for a while to become a man they soon put it back hehehe 🙂
Also tell your son that  being sensitive has it’s good parts as they can feel things others can not that can give them extra knowing powers. Kinda like super powers! Hehe

Hi Kaitlyn,

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been recommending your products to all my Crystal Healer students and blog readers b/c I truly love them so much! I’ve even featured the sippy bottle in my Gem Elixir eKit. J  I love the idea behind them & I swear you’re my Scientific Soul SiSTAR!

Love your stuff to pieces!! Truly.

Crystal Blessings,

A friend of mine recently purchased one of your packages. I rarely say to anyone -‘you just gotta get this!’ , but your products were an exception! I am so looking forward to her receiving them:-)

I just received the earth bottom bottle today and it’s wonderful! I’m a hyper sensitive empathetic indigo and i feel the difference already.

Hi Kaitlyn,
I’m so grateful to have found you through Sheila Gale’s show last week! I immediately felt a deep resonance with you and your message, as I also feel the deep connection with Mother Earths Trees and talk to them regularly!  I knew I had found a wonderful resource in Vibes Up and immediately ordered one of the specials you offered. It came so fast I could hardly believe it!
For about 6 months now, I have been experiencing pain in my right hip when I sleep. Once I’m out of bed it’s fine, but it makes it hard to get a full night of restorative sleep.  I just got back from sleeping under the stars in the beautiful Sierra Mountains for a whole week – I thought that might have helped, but I still had pain in that hip. As soon as I got my products,  I put the Crystal Cream on that hip and slept on the Mat and wow – NO PAIN! I woke up refreshed and so excited because I knew I had something that could help a lot of people. So, I’m spreading the word and looking forward to “adopting” many more of your precious “babies”.
Blessings and Thank You!

Just wanted to tell you about the experience I had when I received my medium cream bear. When I received my package, I opened the box and lifted the bear out and held it up to look at it. Instantaneously I got the biggest smile on my face, and then I felt something rise up from the core of my being and I just started to laugh. Totally unexpected reaction! I’ve been suffering from depression, chronic fatigue, and insomnia, and holding this bear seemed to just lift my energy and spirit. Honestly, I didn’t know if I believed this stuff works but I keep ordering it. The bear experience makes me a true believer in your products. This bear is going to be sleeping with me now. I’m going on 53 but still a child at heart, which makes this even more remarkable. Ha!

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