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THE SUN can teach us more about the importance of bringing Nature ions INTO your home.


WHY ions matter?
Nature’s KEY to health and happiness:  Our modern homes are filled with synthetic materials that emitted unbalanced (+) ions. These Synthetics feed on physical organic matter (-), in an attempt to rebalance themselves.

Example: the sun is a powerful amount of (+) it shines on the earth and than the earth (-) helps ground, neutralize and balance the radiation (+) into a healthy life giving energy. You may have already experienced the suns (+) rays etching powers on physical matter, in the form of a sun burn or items left out in the sun, you will notice get faded and even deteriorated in time by the sun. The (+) ions produced by the synthetics in our modern world, work in that exact same way. They need grounding and balancing out with (-) ions.

Considering these synthetics that produce (+) ion radiation need physical organic matter (-) to feed on, let’s  think about what in our homes is physical organic matter? Maybe a couple of plants, your crystal or rock collection? In a typical home the largest concentration of physical organic matter is our ‘physical bodies’ and the bodies of our pets and children.  These synthetics are literally feeding on us, draining and pulling us out of balance, effecting our energy, moods, sleep, health and more.

Bringing natures (ions) into our homes will not stop the synthetics from producing the unbalanced (+) ion any  more than the earth (-) stops the sun from shining. But It CAN bring the (+) into neutral harmony like the earth does the radiative sun rays. Bringing nature’s (-) ions into our homes can reducing the need of the (+) ions from etching physical matter from us!

Get out in Nature as much as you can and bring as much nature into your home as possible!

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