"Hi Kaitlyn, I've purchased the ionizer swirl gift set to distributed to family members who have admired mine. Thank you too for sharing your gifts and talents so that we can raise our vibrations. Your products are really beyond human vocabulary. . . blessings to you and your elves!" — Kathy N

"I have to let you know a personal testimonial for the divine mask. Yesterday I had a wisdom tooth out and came home with a VERY swollen face. I wrapped the divine mask around the left side of my jaw and within 1/2 hour, the swelling had completely gone down!! Amazing!! Today there is still no..." — Nicole Lockhart

"I love the Crystal Cream. My daughter has stopped telling me how tired I look since I started using it - a definite plus! :-)" — Sara A.

"Dear kaitlyn, I must apologise for being skeptical at first, but wheew, as soon as i tried out the meditation kit, i was warm and i was literally vibrating. The strangest part was how grounded i felt, i was lying down, i was all relaxed and its like i was frozen, i couldn't feel any part of my..." — M in Finland

"LOVE your products and every time I try a new item, I am never disappointed. Thank you Kaitlyn." — Alicia Wish, Lake Mary, Florida

"I had suffered with Adult Rosacea for five years. My cheeks were always red and there were dark ruddy spots. The skin surface was rough. Sunlight made it worse. No lotions seemed to alleviate this skin condition. I learned about the VibesUP Crystal Cream at the Conscious Life EXPO, After..." — Susan MacA

"Quick story!!! : ) I took my small and medium size mats to Ohio over the holidays to show my sister.... and her 9 year old son was sitting with us one night while we were talking about them and about running enegy, he asked what the heck the mats were and I said they had crushed up crystals..." — Lesa Mullins