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Earth Ionizer Pendant

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Product Description

EARTH ionizer Pendant- Nature's intelligence in action!
This pendant has BOTH the EMF formula and the ALL in ONE formula which has all 18 VibesUP themes. This is Kaitlyn's everyday pendant she wears as its comfy, goes with everything and it's smart at breathing energy in and out as we require it.
I know this is alot of write up... but it's important stuff :)
Nature's Intelligent Ionizer!
 It measures about the size of a nickel and comes on a black satin cord. This pendant looks great on both men and women.
This strikingly attractive pendant is a favorite for Kaitlyn for her everyday-even-sleep-in-it-pendant.- Black tourmaline and actual sea shell, there is a large area on the back side of this pendant that holds over 40 essential oils and Black tourmaline, set in a liquid crystal formula with tiny crystal spheres that work like natural batteries sending this healthy energy infrared deep. AND IT"S SMART!! Not just Nature's intelligence of knowing what we need and when it, it's also the perfect design of the Fibonacci Wave (the swirl on the shell) this pattern is so geometrically perfect that it is referred to as the intelligence of the Universe! When I googled it I even found that there were whole systems of how to invest in the stock market based on the math of this design!
THIS IS FUN! This design is beneficial for the creature that lives inside the shell and what it does for the creature it can do that for you too. Here is how it works: Imagine your inside the shell and which would be looking at the pattern as you face the back of it. Follow the pattern of the white from the outside down into the center...it is a clockwise swirl, clockwise brings energy IN, white vibrates high and creates. Now from the center follow the black..it goes out counter clockwise..this is bringing the energy OUT. Black is a denser vibration and helps to pull things OUT. Think of it like when we eat we bring in the high vibration of the food and than break it down and then we send what is not beneficial OUT. So the little creature that lives in this shell is constantly being helped by this pattern of bringing the beneficial energy IN and than taking the non beneficial energy OUT. This pattern seems to have its own knowing of what to help with and when. It is constantly supplying us with infrared Earth ions as we wear it. Earth (negative) ions are what we are needing more of to balance out all the over abundance of electronic (positive) ions given out by the electronics and WiFi that is thick in the air around us. (Be sure and wear the pendant with white shell facing out.)
 We receive the most humorous and amazing testimonies from customers on this pendant. One lady works in an office where they sometimes bring in a mobile x-ray machine to use in her area. She said that when the door opens for it to come in, her pendant, on its own starts to activate and get very warm. It's like it knows that harmful positive ions are coming and it is sending out the negative ions to help balance that out and shield the wearer from the damage that harmful energy can cause. To learn more about how this works in a fun and simple way I highly recommend listening to a radio interview I did on how the ATOM can teach us how simple everything is to understand. Go to the home page..click listen to Kaitlyn..to hear this talk "A lesson from the Atom."
A black satin cord is included. You may want to replace this cord with a chain of your choice.

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Product Reviews

  1. Protection master

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Sep 2013

    Helps keep me grounded while sending out positive healing energies to my clients. Very useful for protection with all the computer work I do as well. Thank you Kaitlyn and nature!

  2. super powerful!

    Posted by Tracy on 27th Sep 2013

    I love this. I wear it non stop every single day to work or play. I am on the computer 10 hrs a day at work and feel much less drained than usual. Its so beautiful I get compliments daily on it. I don't feel right if I'm not wearing it. thanks so much!!

  3. Beautiful & Powerful

    Posted by Angela Baker on 20th Sep 2013

    I wear my pendant every day. In addition to helping protect against EMF waves, it is a daily reminder of the magnificence and intelligence of nature and puts me in a place of gratitude as I start my day. Priceless!

  4. powerful

    Posted by mary clark on 20th Sep 2013

    I have gotten so many compliments on this necklace, I love the design. It feels good in my hands and I feel empowered and safe when wearing it.

  5. Balance

    Posted by Karin Davies on 19th Sep 2013

    I wear this pendant 24 hours a day. Besides all the wonderful properties that have been mentioned it also helps with balance. I'm able to bring my 3 pugs to work with me and I take them for walks on the grass along side of a driveway. Even with 3 dogs pulling me (sometimes in different directions!) I walk on the narrow curb like an Olympian! Just for fun! I know my life is better with my VibesUp!

  6. Wonder-full!

    Posted by Jan├ęt on 19th Sep 2013

    I especially wear it when I'm using a computer. I'm pretty sensitive to EMFs and low frequency radiation and feel totally drained after working in front of a screen for a few hours, even with the usual precautions. I can feel that wearing the pendent provides a lot of protection. I feel profoundly moved just thinking about the powerful intelligence within a simple design.... I also love sleeping in it... Thank you snail!

  7. so many compliments

    Posted by Gina on 19th Sep 2013

    I love my necklace. I am constantly getting compliments on it. People ask where I got it all the time. I work with computers all day so this is a must. I even sleep with it. We are surrounded by electronic equipment , cell phones, computers, kindles, tablets etc. I feel safer with my pendant on . Thank you so much!

  8. I never (almost never) take it off!

    Posted by Jenny on 18th Sep 2013

    I love this pendant. I wear it almost 24 hours a day. I even sometimes forget to take it off in the shower and it also gets a shower ;)! I bought one for my oldest daughter also because it is "cool" enough for her to wear and with her being 14, she NEEDS to wear this!!

  9. So many compliments

    Posted by Jody on 12th May 2013

    I love this Earth Ionizer pendant! I put it on a white gold chain, and it's my go-to necklace now. So many people have said "where did you get that?"! I love the "vortex" design, and I feel the high vibes every time I put it on! It makes me feel connected to all that is natural and right and in the environment and shielding me from all that is not (natural and right :))
    I almost feel naked without it now!

  10. Subtle but powerful

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Oct 2012

    I bought this for my husband, who was going through many ongoing emotional challenges and daily stresses. He wears it every day and sleeps on a mat at night.
    From the first day we saw dramatic results (although it wasn't as obvious to him). He went from very fearful and negative to light-hearted and happy on the first day. The change is so obvious to me! He's no longer bringing my energy down. The outside circumstance in his life have not changed, but his ability to be happy has!
    It's been 3 weeks of consistent results, and now I've put in another order for lots of other vibes up products for myself.xx

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