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All Better Wrist Wrap

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Product Description

Earth Nurtured ALL BETTER Wrap. 

This unique wrap contains the Bio Available 1.1 Frequency, which supplies your body with a very special fuel that it KNOWS what to do with. This special energy supports your body in it's own brilliant REGENERATING ABILITIES...If the body had enough life force energy, it is believed it would quickly repair, rebalance and regenerate itself. Notice comforting relief in less that 5 min.

WRAP Sizes (approximate length of longest strap)

             S/M            M/L

Wrist     8”            9 1/2”

Also Available in:

The newest Zeo Earth Mat's contains all the advancements of: Double Stuff, Puffy Crystal, Zeolite and Super Shrunk formulas! 

  • The Double Stuff Formula contains double the stones, Flower Essences, essential oils and Liquid Crystal, making the Earth Mat material extra potent with the yummy earth ingredients!
  • Puffy Crystals amplify the conductivity and strength of the Earth Mat material. By adding this formula, it creates tiny bridges for the energy to move through the base of our Earth Mat material. Testing showed by adding this ingredient, the Earth Mat material is several times stronger energetically and now works out both sides. 
  • Zeolite is known to amplify Black Tourmaline’s awesome abilities by 40x and is known for detoxing the body of heavy metals and mycotoxins, balancing pH, trap/remove pre-viral components, balance immune system, is a potent antioxidant and has been said to aid in the prevention of major health challenges.
  • Super Shrunk aids in compressing the tiny quartz spheres to amply the piezo electricity!
These Wraps may feel like a MODERN MIRACLE, however YOUR BODY gets all the credit.
Our bodies are fine machines and know how to run perfectly. They are simply lacking the life fuel they need to operate at full capacity. Imagine the percentage of our brain use, speed of recovery and rejuvenation (reverse aging) if we had enough life force energy.
What is this SUPER FUEL? Bio Available Energy`
Nature has a perfect mathematical formula for generating POWERFUL life force CREATION energy. It's called the Golden Measurement or Phi. Just like plugging in both sides of a battery EVERYTIHNG in Nature brings the (+) male and (-) female polarities together in a specific ratio.
The swirls on a pine cone are in a ratio of 8 (-) swirls UP and 5(+) swirls down. Wherever these polarities cross LIFE is created. A SEED! There are devices now that can now measure this creation energy. It is the 1.1 Frequency. VibesUP formula brings all the Nature ingredients of Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Gemstones & Liquid Crystal together in this same 8 to 5 ratio. IT WORKS! Tests show it generates this same 1.1 CREATION ENERGY. This special energy is Bio Available which means our bodies can easily absorb and utilize it. It is SUPER FUEL.  Wait until you feel what you body can do with it!
It's called Piezo electric. When gentle pressure is applied to quartz crystal it gives off over 1 million tiny rays of infrared energy per second! This special squishy material gives the crystals inside a constant hug helping them work like tiny little infrared batteries that never run out of good energy & can deliver the 1.1 Frequency INRARED DEEP, brining your body what it LOVES and where it LOVES it.
NOTE: Do not wrap so tight as to cut circulation.
IMPORTANT: These are not designed to replace medical care, please seek professional assistance when needed.
Customer TESTIMONIES: 1. Back Wrap Veratility & 2. GREAT imput from a computer programmer with carpal tunnel.


Hi Kaitlyn

I am young yet have had 4 knee surgeries without much relief. I am lacking the cartilage in my knee.  I was of course willing to try the VibesUP knee wrap my friend Cheryl gave me. I slept with it the first night and to my surprise the morning 'stiff knee' that made it hard to walk when getting out of bed was MUCH better. I thought, "Wow, that was fast!"  My knee's are what you would call 'shot' and I am busy mom, so I have added the knee brace into my daily life, not just for instant relief, but I also feel it is feeding my knee something it wants. OH and it is so much more comfortable than the heavy brace I had before! Thank you!

  I now have more 'get up' in my go go lifestyle.  

Carrie- Sacramento, CA 

Hi Kaitlyn 
I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or De Guervain's syndrome. I wanted to give you an update on how the VibesUP wrist wrap was going. . I used to have to take at least 800 mg of ibuprofen a day and was worried that I would turn into an ibuprofen junkie. I was able to cut that WAY back even the first week of wearing the wrap. It has helped with work too as  my co workers had been getting used to me wincing out in pain and I used to  have to take a week off work every month and had no income for that period, so definitely your wrist thingy is worth it.  
 I thought the stuff was kind of airy fairy but now am convinced that they work and I am looking forward to purchasing more of your products in the future.  
PS Also, your affilliate program is one of the only affiliate programs that really works. I know as I have tried a lot of them and this is the only one that I have enjoyed success from, so keep going and keep up the great work.
You have permission to use my testimony. 
Jonathan Kawamura

I am a good friend of Kaitlyn's and have been cheering her on with the VibesUP from the beginning. But I love and use her products because they work. I was happy when she came out with the wraps because I used to try to hold the mats on my tummy and the back wrap has the mat built in.  I have a sensitive stomach that is often a challenge and when I put the mat there I feel so much better not just with function of my stomach but as a bonus I find the puffy, bloating goes down. I love and use a lot of her products but the sleep mask is another favorite. At first I thought there was something wrong and there was sand coming out of the mask, but later realized it was actually pulling gunk and detoxing my eyes. I feel my consciousness expanding and I am excited to say I even notice a reduction in the undereye circles and puffiness.   
Julie Fletcher, Sacramento, CA
Back Wrap Versatility and Energy Reading (Linda is a professional Energy Reader)

The back wrap is an extremely versatile tool.  Usually long car drives leave my lower back in pain.  I wore the back wrap on the 10-hour drive home and the pain was totally non-existent at the end of the trip!  I’ve found that pain reduction - or in my case, elimination - is just one of the benefits of the wraps you offer.  Because the wrap is adjustable I moved it to my upper chest to work on a kink in my upper back (back heart chakra) and put one of the Plate Mats in front over my front heart chakra.  WOW!  Instant Love and balancing.  As with the coasters I could feel the energy moving in that figure 8 formation through both front and back heart chakras of my body.  Adding the knee wrap on my right leg immediately turned on the “release valve” assisting the low frequency energies to drain out into the earth for neutralizing.  When I moved the back wrap up and draped it over my shoulders there was an immediate relief of tension in my shoulders.  I like wrapping it around my shoulders so the mat inside is on my upper back and neck.  It is incredible how much energy balancing occurs almost instantly!  I only worked with the ankle wrap a short time but I immediately felt the grounding effect created by putting it on.  Because we receive energies through the left side and send out energies through the right side, having both the ankle and knee on the right leg removed so much energetic baggage so quickly.  Moving them to the left side makes for an   incredible flow of creative energy.  LOVE IT!!

 Linda Sheldon, owner Open Ended Circle

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Product Reviews

  1. A Tangible Eperience

    Posted by Charina G on 23rd Jan 2016

    I truly believe in your products as I am already very sensitive to the energies around me. However, I just recently had a more tangible experience with one of your products when I improvised using the VibesUp wrist wrap around my arm that underwent an IV, blood transfusion, and multiple iron boosts. The IV site was badly bruised and swollen after the 7 days I was hospitalized that it literally felt like exploding. I had iced it for 2 days, but no improvement. I then remembered the VibesUp wrist wrap and wrapped it directly on the site overnight. Low and behold, when I awoke the next day, the bruising, swelling, and pain disappeared. Thank you, Kaitlyn and VibesUp family, for creating such wonderful nature tools! I am truly a fan for life :-)

  2. Computer Wrist Syndrome

    Posted by PennyH on 27th Sep 2013

    Ok, maybe it's not really a syndrome, but it should be. I spend all day and tons of evening time on computers, lap tops, touch pads etc. And some days my wrists ache so bad I want to cry and quit. I thought I'd try the wrist wrap I got whole body kit and just see. Imagine my joy when after wearing it for the day my wrist felt like my wrist again and it was over a week before it got painful enough to remind me to re-wrap it. Saves me.

  3. Wearing it now

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Sep 2013

    I have very bad arthritis in my hand. I felt better the instant I put this on. Relief and support.
    What a winner!

  4. Wrist pain away

    Posted by Thelma Bodnar on 18th Sep 2013

    I have plates and screws at my wrist area on both sides of my left wrist. The bones were shattered many years ago. I had been having a lot of pain from the scar tissue until I started using the wrist wrap..I'm sold on it..Thanks

  5. This product is marvelous & I have even received it yet

    Posted by Paulette Fowler on 19th Oct 2012

    I have been meditating and working on healing of my body & two times I reached a very high vibrational energy within my body. I did not heal what I was working on. Instead I whammed my body into a lot of pain. I realized I forced the high energy vibration into me. You would think I would learn the first time, but I was so desperate to be healed. O.D. on energy does not feel very good. I got on the internet and put in the search box "high energy body pain". Your site was on the first page. I read about you & the trees and what you said I know to be very true. I immediately went outside and picked a healthy tree & sat down and had a long talk. I did what you said on asking to be the same level of vibrational energy as Mother earth. You also talked about David Hawkins and kinesiology and I know this to be true. I have studied with Mr. Hawkins for years. I can not wait till I get my first of many products from you!!! PLEASE sent it as quick as you can. I NEED help NOW!!!!
    God bless you for sharing what God gave to you.
    Paulette Fowler Oregon

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