The VIBE of TV

The VIBE of TV  THE VIBE OF TV and more life ah ha’s, including an EINSTEIN EXPERIMENT TO TRY… WHEN SOMETHING FEELS ‘OFF‘ to me I ask myself WHY? and this question tends to swirl around in my unconscious mind until suddenly an answer pops in my...

Your FEET can TALK!

Your feet have premonitions to share with you! Our feet can be our early warning system that communicate with us on what we need to pay attention to in our bodies. Each area of our bodies connect to points on the bottom of our feet. Reflexologist can work on different...

The Atom speaks on EMF

Join me on this VERY DIFFERENT radio interview. The ATOM speaks & EMF’s are they just looking for LOVE in all the wrong places? YES! They’re just Daddies looking for Mommies! (Be sure and read the summary in green below) This email includes a picture of my work...
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